Ghost Adventures investigate the haunted Zalud House in Porterville

Ghost Adventures visit a real haunted house
Ghost Adventures


Ghost Adventures visit a real haunted house
Ghost Adventures visit Zalud House in California, if ever a house was haunted it would be this one

This week the Ghost Adventures team head to the haunted Zalud House in Porterville, Cal., where a murder seems to have led to paranormal activity.

The house has seen lots of traumatic events and its fair share of tragedy, it even looks like a cliche haunted house!

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But it’s an object inside that seems to be the center of paranormal activity. There is an old chair with a bullet hole in it, from the very bullet that took the life of the man who was sitting in the chair.

Multiple people have reported chest pain and distress when sitting in the chair, Zak braves a go and he appears to succumb to its unusual power.

The couple who are trying to turn the house into a museum ask him for help as the husband is being profoundly affected by the chair. But can Zak and team do anything to solve this mystery?

Zak also chats to two other people who’ve had strange experiences in or near the house.

A local police officer recounts one night around 2 am when he witnessed the lights come on in the house, whlist he was sitting outside in his patrol car. He radioed in for a city worker to come out and check out what should be an empty building. But by the time someone arrived the lights had gone back out of their own accord.

Bullet hole in the chair
This chair in the house has a bullet hole from where a man was murdered

Zak asks him if he would spend a night in the house alone, he says no…

A guest who part paranormal investigation at the house also describes some unusual activity. Whilst in one of the bedrooms where someone was murdered she felt her chest get heavy, found it hard to breath and thoughts she was about to have an asthma attack.

Watch Ghost Adventures – Zalud House at 9 PM on Travel Channel.

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