Ghost Adventures investigate an evil presence at Zak Bagans’ haunted museum

Ghost Hunters and the Haunted Museum
Ghost Adventures head to Zak Bagans’ haunted museum in Las Vegas to investigate

Tonight on Ghost Adventures the action comes close to home as lead investigator Zak Bagans asks the team to look into his haunted museum.

Zak has been converting a 1938 historic mansion into a museum of haunted objects but there is a spanner in the works.

He is keen to get the museum open to the public but he says that just a few weeks ago he had three of his construction workers suddenly quit.

Zak explains they “literally threw their tools down, ran out and said that something from inside this mansion got to their soul!”

The workers said it was like the very life was being extracted from them on a “deep, emotional spiritual level”.

This forced him to take drastic action and call in his guys from Ghost Adventures to investigate.

The team then discovered some unexpected and chilling information about the house.

Zak and Rachel
Zak and Rachel at the haunted museum. She described seeing pentagrams and blood on the floor

A witness in the form of Rachel Vosko from the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society reports some disturbing finds.

Rachel says she saw a pentagram on the floor with a circle round it. There were also blood drops…though she is not sure what the meaning was.

Zak says: “We have to make contact with whatever spirits are here, so I know what occupies my building.”

He wonders if the many haunted objects he has brought to the museum have perhaps introduced dark forces to the building.

The Haunted Museum has many strange objects
The haunted museum contains many strange objects, some with very dark pasts

Did the strange rituals Rachel reported create dark portals that evil entities are coming out of?

The Wenger family were the original owners. The were a prominent family in the town and helped develop early Las Vegas. One of them actually died in the house, and Zak wonders if they could be haunting it.

Is there a battle between good and evil in the mansion?

Find out tonight!

Catch Ghost Adventures – The Haunted Museum tonight at 9pm on the Travel Channel.

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