Ghost Adventures Aftershocks for Riddle House and Pioneer Saloon

The outside of the reportedly haunted Pioneer Saloon
Ghost Adventures Aftershocks catches up with the Riddle House and Pioneer Saloon

On this episode of Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks the show revisits the Riddle House in Florida and the Pioneer Saloon in Nevada.

West Palm Beach might look appealing but the historic Riddle House has a dark past that Ghost Adventures were keen to look into when they visited back in 2008. They enlisted the aid of a local psychic to help them pin down the reported paranormal activity in the building.

Riddle House before it was moved
Riddle House before it was moved, it is said to be haunted by a man who committed suicide in the attic

The Edwardian house was built in 1905 and was originally used by the gatekeeper of the nearby cemetery. In 1920 Karl Riddle bought it and later still one of his descendants was gifted the house when it was due for demolition. He had dismantled and  moved to Yesteryear Village. The rumor is that a employee of Karl Riddle hung himself in the attic due to his financial woes and that his spirit is restless.

Also on this aftershock the show catches up with those involved with the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, Nevada, where the team had a lockdown back in 2013.

The Saloon was built back in 1913 and feaures unusual stamped tin walls inside and out. Famous guests have included screen legend Clark Gable, who was waiting for new on his missing wife Carole Lombard. Sadly she had died when the plane carrying her from a War Bond tour crashed nearby in Mount Potosi, Nevada. Rather touchingly although Gable married again twice, when he died he asked to be buried next to Lombard.

The reports of ghostly activity include sightings of miner from the pioneering days and also the victim of a shooting that happened at the saloon. The bullet holes can still be seen and there is even a letter from the coroner explaining what happned to cause them.

After this mid-season pause, all new episodes resume next week.

Watch Ghost Adventures Aftershocks: Riddle House; Pioneer Saloon at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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