General Hospital’s Matt Cohen teases his new Hallmark movie, Holiday Date

Holiday Date is the new Hallmark Christmas movie starring Matt Cohen.
Holiday Date is Hallmark’s first Hanukkah-themed film. Pic credit: Hallmark Channel

General Hospital’s Matt Cohen is starring in the new Hallmark Christmas movie, Holiday Date. The talented actor stopped by Hallmark’s Home & Family this week to dish all about his first forte into holiday films.

Matt chatted with hosts Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison about his latest project. He plays Joel, an actor hired by Brooke (Brittany Bristow) to play her boyfriend over the holidays after being dumped by her real boyfriend. Joel accepts the part as research for an upcoming role, but it ends up being more than just another acting gig.

The two travel to Brooke’s hometown of Whispering Pines to pose as a couple that is head over heels in love. Mr. Christmas is the name Brooke has chosen for her real boyfriend, which is fine, except for one thing — Joel is hiding the fact that he is Jewish.

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Once his secret is discovered, Brooke and her family decide to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. In true Hallmark fashion, just as Brooke and Joel grow closer, someone or something threatens their newfound love.

It is the network’s first-ever Hanukkah holiday film, and Matt is incredibly proud to be a part of the movie for two reasons.

One reason is because of his son, Macklin.

“I have been an actor for 15 years, and my son has never seen anything I have done. Obviously, he is only 4 ½, but I tend to play darker, edgier roles, and he just can’t see the stuff. So, this will be the first thing he can see,” Matt expressed to the hosts.

The second reason is because of his grandfather.

“My grandfather passed away a few years ago, and he was always a very proud Jewish grandfather. He was always trying to instill the lessons and prayers in me, but I was rebellious and didn’t want to learn about it. The second I stepped onto the set executive producer, Joey Plager and I connected like brothers. He told me more than I ever knew about Hanukkah and really opened me up. Everyday walking onto the set, I could feel my grandfather smiling and saying ‘I told you, you were going to learn about it one day,” the actor revealed to Debbie and Cameroon.

Matt is looking forward to sharing some of the lessons he learned regarding Hanukkah this holiday season. He and his wife, Mandy Musgrave, celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, which is yet another reason why he is so proud of his Hallmark film, Holiday Date.

General Hospital fans are getting a double dose of Matt Cohen this week. Not only did he reprise his role as Dr. Griffin Munro for two episodes, but fans can also catch him in Holiday Date airing Saturday, December 14, at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel.

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