FBI Tuesdays return with some powerful personal drama

Zeeko Zaki returns in FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

After a brief break, FBI Tuesdays are coming back with new episodes. 

While taking two weeks off, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International are prepared to kick off November sweeps on November 2 with brand-new episodes, all of which boost up the drama. 

FBI Tuesdays returning from a break

Fans of the FBI series were annoyed that the trio of shows took a hiatus for the second half of October after just four weeks of new episodes. 

The reason appeared to be CBS concerned over clashing with Major League Baseball playoffs and the World Series. There were also worries in October of a possibly devastating strike by the IATSE that would have brought the production of television shows to a halt.

Thankfully, that strike has been averted, and so, CBS is prepared to keep new episodes of the FBI shows going just in time for the November sweeps period.

All three shows had some unique plotlines up in the air and it seems the new installments will only increase the action and drama fans love so well. 

What’s up for FBI Tuesdays Week 5?

First, FBI Season 4, Episode 5, Charlotte’s Web, will have the team tracking a kidnapped woman. Meanwhile, OA is feeling pressure to change his career.

After a suburban woman is kidnapped from her home, the team looks into trysts on both sides of a seemingly perfect marriage. Also, OA feels pressure from Mona to make changes in his career path.

Earlier this season, OA had to reach to an old army friend to track a bomber. But when the man killed the bomber, OA felt guilty about pressuring him into this and could be doubting his future career.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 3, Episode 5, Unhinged, will feature the return of Hana. Keisha Castle-Hughes has been absent for Season 3 as the actress gave birth over the summer (Hana has been explained as visiting her sick mother). 

After a deadly fire at an arcade, the team discovers the blaze was just the first step in an intricate plan to exact revenge on one of the victims. Also, Hana rejoins the team, finding new adjustments in all aspects of her life.

While the focus will be on stopping this killer, the real dynamic will be Hana handling the absence of Crosby (Kellan Lutz) and meeting new teammate Kristin Gaines (Alexa Davalos). It has also been hinted there have been some personal changes to Hana since she left the team. 

FBI: International Season 1, Episode 5, The Soul of Chess, has the team investigating a murder that becomes far more complex. 

The team investigates an American journalist’s death by poison after his attempt to meet with an anonymous source in Poland. Also, Kellett takes Forrester to task for being overprotective with her during the mission.

The promo indicates the team will clash with the CIA on this mission, which will undoubtedly cause conflict. It also shows how Kellett is becoming upset with Forrester mixing up his emotions with work since her shooting a few episodes ago.

While the break from new episodes was annoying, it looks like all three FBI shows will make up for it with some spectacular new installments for a solid month of FBI Tuesday action.

FBI Tuesdays begin with FBI Season 4 on Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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