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FBI: International recap: the team works to protect a suspected killer

Cast of FBI International on location
The Fly Team clashes with a local detective (David Norona) on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

FBI: International had a tricky time fighting for a suspected killer. 

With Kellett on the shelf, Forrester needed to step up more as the team had to protect an American suspected of murder while wondering about his guilt. 

A man on the run even when ‘safe’

The episode called American Optimism kicked off with Drew Edmonson (Ivan Mok) racing through the streets of Madrid just ahead of police cars.

He came up to the American embassy to claim asylum and that “I didn’t kill him,” even with blood literally on his hands.

In Budapest, Kellett and Forrester were at his apartment, Forrester placing a kiss on the scar of Kellett’s now healed gunshot wound.

Kellett was happy to be cleared for work, but Forrester wanted her on desk duty. Kellett snapped that she didn’t want their relationship to affect how they acted at work. 

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