FBI: International recap: the team is divided while hunting a kidnapped child

FBI International Fly Team
Heida Reed, Luke Kleintank, Vinessa Vidotto, and Carter Redwood as the Fly Team in the crossover premiere of FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

After making their debut in the big three-part crossover, the FBI: International team settled into their regular time slot.

The Fly Team began their run in a more layered case than it seemed while sharing more light on the team’s pasts.

A daylight kidnapping

The Edge began in Budapest as a woman (Lili Bordan) was with her son (Cade Woodward) in a market while two men in a van watched them.

Kellett was then shown opening a folder to show a transfer order with her name on it. Forrester exited to talk about an unlawful flight warrant on Katya Polgar, who had fled a court appointment in New York. 

The two bantered about the festivals in the country as they arrived at one just in time to see the men pull the boy, David, away from a screaming Katya. Forrester charged in but barely avoided a racing car as the kidnappers got away. 

Forrester was irate they had no prior intelligence on this while Kellett pressed for info from one of her contacts. Andre brought up Katya’s bitter divorce from Gary Milgrave (Jordan Belfi) and figured she abducted her son. 

Jaeger arrived to snap at Forrester for his actions, with him firing back on staying out of their way. Forrester and Kellet talked to Katya, who said she and Gary had been in love, but he became abusive and she was afraid for David’s safety. She was worried as David was prone to seizures.

The team was soon divided on whether to believe Katya’s story, with Forrester saying he had personal experience while Vo believed Katya. Andre told her that while he didn’t show it, Forrester did respect Vo’s input.

Which parent to believe?

The team tracked the kidnappers to a train station where they had a brief issue with the local police. A gunfight broke out with Tank taking down a fleeing kidnapper. The other escaped with David as the team held the accomplice, Lucas Robinson, an Australian who ran “Dad’s Pride,” a service that tried to reunite fathers with their children (and had a rather dim view of women).

Forrester briefly checked in with Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) in New York City to get more information. He then talked to Katya to get a better read on her feelings for David.

Meanwhile, a talk with Kellett had Vo discovering that Forrester’s parents were Foreign Service officers, and his mother, Angela Cassidy, was caught selling secrets to the Russians before vanishing in 2005. 

Jubal chimed in how Milgrave not only had a history of misconduct with women but that his company was near bankruptcy. They met Milgrave in a park, who claimed Katya was lying out of jealousy and wanting his money. However, Forrester soon sensed Milgrave’s love for his son wasn’t as great as David’s mother’s. 

Jaeger showed up with some police to interrupt the interview, which was part of Forrester’s plan to track David down. 

Finding the child and the truth

The team pursued Milgrave with Forrester and Kellett both talking about how impressed they were by Vo. The team managed to track Milgrave into the woods, with Tank taking down one of his accomplices while Milgrave took off in a car with David.

Forrester managed to talk Gary into not running the car off a cliff and gave David the medicine he needed to stop his seizures.

David admitted how his father has been abusing him. Kellett got a phone call about being transferred back to Washington D.C. She brushed it off while getting a special deal for Katya to stay in Budapest with David. 

While Vo and Andre headed to a pub to celebrate, Forrester and Kellett returned home, where Kellett told him about the transfer and she’d be leaving at the end of the year. She stated she’d put in for it before they started hooking up, and Forrester was upset, both for them and breaking up the team just as they were forming.

Forrester vowed, “I still have a few months to talk you out of it,” as they headed to bed. 

So amid the case, some insight into Forrester’s past and a turn for Kellett should play into future episodes.

FBI: International airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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