FBI recap: the epic three-part crossover introduces a new team

FBI Crossover
Julian McMahon, Roxy Sternberg, Miguel Gomez, Zeeko Zaki and Missy Peregrym in the FBI crossover premiere event. Pic credit: CBS

FBI Tuesdays kicked off in wild style.

The FBI Season 4 and FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 premieres combined with the debut of FBI: International to track one epic case that had viewers on the edge of their seats and ready to see more of the teams in action. 

The crossover case begins on FBI

The storyline began with a man being shot on a bridge in Budapest by a mysterious assailant. It then moved to New York City as Nicole (Emma Ishta) received word of the death while attending a yacht party with 15-year-old Julia (Christa Wennestrom).

A worried Nicole left the party only to be murdered herself. That brought in Maggie and OA to find she was linked to Fiona (Gia Crovatin) who ran a powerful investment firm with Colin Kent (Oded Fehr).

The agents talked to one of Julia’s classmates, who made it clear Nicole was Julia’s “pimp” to powerful people. This threw OA as he had gotten a call from a young woman reporting being involved with something like this and believed they could be connected.

The investigation led to Curt Williams (Elias Toufexis), the owner of a security firm, who just happens to have been a former soldier with FBI: Most Wanted’s Crosby. He joined Maggie and OA checking out Curt’s home only for the man to shoot Crosby. 

Jess blamed Maggie as we discover what happened in the FBI: Most Wanted Season 2 finale as Jess and Crosby killed Sarah’s abusive ex but Crosby was jarred by the experience.

Jess told Williams that Crosby died at the hospital, but it turned out to be a trick to get Williams to give up how he’d been hired to kill Nicole, Julia, and the man in Budapest with the team finding a connection to billionaire Nathan Tate (Michael Quinlan). 

Julia reached out to her mother, who told the FBI. Maggie and OA were on the street with Julia’s mother to see Julia being abducted. The car was linked to Kent and Fiona, who claimed to have no idea what was happening. 

The team tracked the car, now in flames, to a navy yard and found a badly wounded Julia. She managed to tell OA that a friend of hers named Sunny was in danger before dying. 

Isobel sent agents to arrest Nathan Tate, but just as they arrived, Tate’s body fell from the roof in front of them to end Part 1. 

The chase continues on FBI: Most Wanted

FBI/FBI Most Wanted
FBI’s OA joins the FBI: Most Wanted team in the Season 3 premiere. Pic credit: CBS

Part 2 began with the Most Wanted team checking on a wounded Crosby as we learned Hana was in Spain to check on her ill mother (an excuse for Keisha Castle-Hughes’ pregnancy). 

OA helped the team figure out that someone was trying to cover their tracks, with OA suspecting Fiona. Feeling guilty over Julia’s death, OA insisted on joining the team. 

The team chased the suspected shooter on a subway and to the street, where a car came up and a pair of gunmen opened fire on a cop. A woman came out to drop the shooter herself. Held at gunpoint, she introduced herself as Miami FBI Special Agent Kristin Gaines (Alexa Davalos). 

Gaines explained she’d been tracking the gunman, a former soldier turned freelance mercenary, who she believed was tied into a smuggling ring. With her knowledge of the case, Jess welcomed Gaines on for the mission.

Jess and Gaines tracked a clue down to a boat containing the bodies of four young women who had been used for sex trafficking. Gaines was affected, revealing she had a 16-year old daughter herself. 

Colin Kent was shown talking to a man on the phone with a woman showering in his bathroom. The team tracked down Sunny’s phone to an apartment to find a young woman named Jamie with Fiona. Fiona claimed to have no idea what Kent had been up to, but Jamie clarified Fiona was in deep and showed a video of Fiona and Kent with Sunny. 

Desperate to cut a deal, Fiona started giving up names of scores of powerful people, from politicians to tech millionaires, who used Kent’s “services.” Kent would then blackmail these people for a huge payday to keep their actions secret. Tate had put out a hit on Kent’s girls to try and end his leverage with Kent hitting back to eliminate Tate. 

The team tracked down one of Kent’s mansions to find someone had taken a server with all the videos of Kent’s blackmail material. They tracked Kent’s trail to another mansion only for him to kill a couple of cops and take off in a private jet with Sunny and the server as Part 2 ended.

It all wraps up on FBI: International

FBI International
Luke Kleintank and Heida Reed lead the FBI: International team. Pic credit: CBS

Part 3 began with the premiere of the brand-new FBI: International series with Kent landing on Corita and killing a pair of cops trying to stop him.

The Fly Team welcomed new member Cameron Vo who met with leader Scott Forrester, Jamie Kellett, and Andre Raines, alongside their dog, Tank. Jubal openly talked of how Forrester was one of only two agents he’d gladly “go to war with.”

Forrester talked to Europol Agent Katrin Jaeger, who warned him of making nice with the local cops. Forrester ignored this advice to accuse a local cop of tipping off Kent just as he was about to meet a powerful local millionaire. 

Forrester and Raines were able to sway another cop into helping them get some information. When OA arrived, Forrester thought Isobel sent OA as a babysitter. It became clear OA was obsessed with getting Kent while Forrester was concerned about the evidence of his actions, putting the two at odds.

Forrester cited an experience where he arrested a terrorist, but the rocket launchers he was selling were later used in a terrorist attack. He uses that to make OA realize that there was a bigger picture than Kent. 

Cameron had her first undercover job, posing as a courier for the local millionaire to give Kent a cell phone. OA managed to hold his temper to let Kent go so the team could track him using the phone to bribe a local minister to help him escape the country. 

The team tracked Kent down to the Gric Tunnels, where OA beat him down. Forrester then arrested the minister while the team showed the local cops the evidence of the millionaire with an underaged girl. The team then busted the millionaire to save Sunny.

Kent arrogantly assumed he would skate on this thanks to all the powerful people he had leverage on. Forrester and Kellett broke it to him he was already being extradited to the U.S. with Kent’s smugness evaporating as OA personally drove him to the airport in handcuffs.

Back in New York, Jubal told the team that over 28 rich and powerful pedophiles were arrested thanks to the evidence with more expected. Maggie then went on to find out Crosby would recover with Jess apologizing to her. OA told Julia’s mother they’d caught her daughter’s killer with both crying.

In the final scene, Forrester returned to his apartment to find Tank waiting for him…and so was Kellett in bed, indicating the pair had been together for some time. 

With that, the new FBI Tuesdays now break into separate shows for some brand-new thrills. 

FBI, FBI: International and FBI: Most Wanted all air Tuesdays starting at 8/7c on CBS. 

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