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Fairy tale challenges on Face Off as Elizabeth Mitchell guest judges

Fairy tale on Face Off
Fairy tale time on Face Off, but will their be a twist in the tale?

This week on Face Off the teams are tasked with some fairy tale characters as actress Elizabeth Mitchell guest judges.

The teams are always super-competitive but this week there is a bit of a twist. Will Twisted Six  be able to beat their run of losing and show Ethereal Effects how it’s done?

Well they will certainly have plenty of scope as fairy tales can range from light hearted to very dark, though most of them have a twist or moral to the story. Indeed if you’ve ever read any of Grimm’s original tales then you’ll know they are much darker than the sanitised version we see on the big screen.

In fact the English translations of the tales are toned down too and the Grimm’s themselves adjusted them, so we can only imagine how dark they were when told around the fire in small villages to scare the children and teach them some lessons about life too.

Whatever their inspiration we’re sure the creations will be just as amazing as last week’s hive aliens.

Face Off airs at 9:00 PM on Syfy.

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