Face Off artists tackle demons inspired by Dante’s version of Hell

This week on Face Off, the artists are challenged to create something hellish as they reach to Dante’s classic vision of Hell for inspiration. Dante was an Italian poet in the Late Middle Ages and is most famous for his Divine Comedy, which is considered one of the greatest works of literature ever created. It

Fairy tale challenges on Face Off as Elizabeth Mitchell guest judges

This week on Face Off the teams are tasked with some fairy tale characters as actress Elizabeth Mitchell guest judges. The teams are always super-competitive but this week there is a bit of a twist. Will Twisted Six  be able to beat their run of losing and show Ethereal Effects how it’s done? Well they will

Hive-mind alien drones and queens are the challenge on Face Off

This week on Face Off, the contestants are tasked with creating a alien workers, drone and queens as they tackle the monstrous intelligence of the hive-mind. Insects are fascinating creatures, especially those like bees, ants and wasps who operate in hives and use a collective intelligence to go about their business. However, these sort of

Exclusive interview: McKenzie Westmore teases Season 12 of Face Off

Season 12 of Syfy’s competition series Face Off gets off to a thrilling start tonight with McKenzie Westmore once again returning as host. The special effects makeup show gets its own makeover this season with new rules which see the contestants split into teams. We spoke to McKenzie to get some clues about what’s coming up

Grotesque creations as Face Off: All Stars take gargoyle challenge

This week on Face Off: All Stars the contestants are challenged to make a gargoyle using architectural styles as their inspiration. The show is now down to the last four contestants and the tasks just keep getting more challenging. Gargoyles can be found on thousands of buildings all over the world and although they are typically

Face Off gets spooky as the teams create covens of witches and warlocks

Face Off gets spooky this week — with an episode called Cursed Covens. When the seven remaining contestants enter the lab, they see a bubbling cauldron, dry ice covering the floor, lightning, and an eerie-looking altar next to host McKenzie Westmore. McKenzie tells them: “You’re just in time for the witching hour. As you might have guessed,


Face Off: All Stars create incredible fantastical creatures

This week’s Face Off: All Stars sees the five remaining teams create incredible comedic pairings of fantasy creatures for their elimination challenge. Check out the pictures and video below as the ten contestants are matched with models dressed in ridiculous fat suits — who they then have to turn into fantastical duos who are total opposites.