Face Off gets spooky as the teams create covens of witches and warlocks

Face Off host McKenzie next to the altar on this week's Cursed Covens episode
Face Off host McKenzie next to the altar on this week’s Cursed Covens episode

Face Off gets spooky this week — with an episode called Cursed Covens.

When the seven remaining contestants enter the lab, they see a bubbling cauldron, dry ice covering the floor, lightning, and an eerie-looking altar next to host McKenzie Westmore.

McKenzie tells them: “You’re just in time for the witching hour. As you might have guessed, we’re going to be exploring the world of witches this week.

“In films and television shows like The Craft and American Horror Story: Coven, witches are portrayed as powerful beings, capable of using magical spells and curses to manipulate the world around them.

“So, for your next spotlight challenge, each superteam will be creating a supernatural coven of three witches…or warlocks.”

The contestants have different reactions when they hear about this week’s Face Off challenge!

This is not quite as simple as it first appears — McKenzie has some important information to tell the increasingly nervous-looking teams, as she says: “Your covens are at war with each other, and each coven has cast a visible curse on the other.”

What will the teams use for their inspiration, and what kind of grotesque creations will they come up with?

Will they go “classic witch” and put their own twist on it, or could they come up with something totally new, something unique? Either way, this episode should be spellbinding!

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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