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Exclusive interview: McKenzie Westmore teases Season 12 of Face Off

McKenzie Westmore speaking to the camera
McKenzie Westmore is returning as host of Face Off for Season 12

Season 12 of Syfy’s competition series Face Off gets off to a thrilling start tonight with McKenzie Westmore once again returning as host.

The special effects makeup show gets its own makeover this season with new rules which see the contestants split into teams.

We spoke to McKenzie to get some clues about what’s coming up for fans.

Monsters and Critics: You’ve been hosting Face Off now since it began and we’re now at Season 12. What would you say have been some of the best moments from the show to date from your point of view?

McKenzie Westmore: There have been so many great moments. We really are a family on Face Off!

For me personally, I met my husband and got to work and really connect with my dad on a special level.

M&C: The producers of Face Off somehow manage to change things up every year. What changes can fans expect to see this year?

MW: The game changes this season. We just came out of “All Stars” so we really needed to shake things up!

We will see a more real world perspective of SPFX teams, and it’s is fascinating to see how a team can be led.

Can the contestants work together or not?

M&C: Every year we’ve seen some fantastic challenges ranging from horror makeup to science fiction creatures and such. What can we expect to see this season and what have been some of your favourite challenges?

MW: I love fantasy! We will see that amongst all genres imaginable!

Just the fact that I got to stand next to the white wolf from Game of Thrones made me squeal with joy!

M&C: We’ve seen a resurgence in practical effects makeup in recent years, which is great. Why do you think it’s made such a strong comeback? Given that it looked like CGI was taking over for awhile?

MW: I can’t help but feel Face Off has contributed to this. You just can’t beat practical no matter how good the CGI.

It’s also so much better for actors to have something to work with that’s practical as opposed to green screen and dots.

M&C: You’ve got a very personal and familial connection to the special effects makeup industry. Would you mind sharing what that is for those who aren’t aware?

MW: Many people just know me as a soap-opera actress with a makeup artist father.

What many don’t know, however, is that I almost went into the makeup field and took courses to do so.

In the end, my love of acting won but I could lay a beard like nobody’s business once upon a time!

It’s also the reason, along with my family’s history and passion for it, that I’ve now created a cosmetic line called Westmore Beauty, which utilizes my family’s 100 years of SPFX tricks and translates them to an everyday makeup.

M&C: Out of curiosity how many of the show’s winners have advanced on to doing makeup in films and television?

MW: Many have! And not just winners but many that barely even made it half way.

This show really is the best way for an artist to showcase their talent and personality.

Face Off premieres tonight at 9/8c on Syfy.

Ian Cullen is a TV journalist and when not writing more

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