Face Off: All Stars create incredible fantastical creatures

Evan Hedges on Face Off: All Stars
Evan Hedges working on his creation on this week’s Face Off: All Stars. Pic: Jordin Althaus/Syfy

This week’s Face Off: All Stars sees the five remaining teams create incredible comedic pairings of fantasy creatures for their elimination challenge.

Check out the pictures and video below as the ten contestants are matched with models dressed in ridiculous fat suits — who they then have to turn into fantastical duos who are total opposites.

Host McKenzie Westmore says: “In fantasy films the best teams are often made up of the most unlikely of characters.

“Memorable characters like Shrek and Donkey from the Shrek films, and Legolas and Gimli from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, find themselves working together despite their different appearances and personalities to accomplish incredible things.”

The exact challenge is to create a “comedic fantasy duo fit to star in an epic adventure film”.

The Face Off: All Stars contestants
The remaining contestants: Evan Hedges, Benjamin “Ben” Ploughman, George Troester III, Cig Neutron, Adam Milicevic, Emily Serpico, Tyler Green, Keaghlan Ashley, Melissa Ebbe. Pic: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Models in fat suits on Face Off: All Stars
McKenzie with the models in their different fat suits. Pic: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Emily Serpico and Tyler Green
Emily Serpico and Tyler Green work with their models. Pic: Jordin Althaus/Syfy
Cig Neutron on Face Off: All Stars
Cig Neutron adds detail to the face of his character. Pic: Jordin Althaus/Syfy

The contestants are all super-psyched by the challenge, which they know will be a really fund one to do.

Judging by their earlier efforts, what they come up with is going to be remarkable to see…

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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