Face Off artists tackle demons inspired by Dante’s version of Hell

An artist creating a demonic mask on Face Off
One of the demonic works inspired by Dante on Face Off

This week on Face Off, the artists are challenged to create something hellish as they reach to Dante’s classic vision of Hell for inspiration.

Dante was an Italian poet in the Late Middle Ages and is most famous for his Divine Comedy, which is considered one of the greatest works of literature ever created.

It described Dante’s only journey through a vision of Paradise, Purgatory and Hell.

A section of Botticelli's illustrations for Dante's Inferno
Botticelli’s illustrations for Dante’s Inferno, showing a vision of Hell
Gustave Doré's Minos
Gustave Doré’s illustration of Minos judging sinners

The Face Off competitors will be most interested in his Inferno work that describes in great detail the journey across the River Acheron into the many levels of Hell.

Here the damned are tormented in all manner of unpleasant ways as they suffer eternal damnation for their earthly sins.

The artists must create a demon that would oversee a specific circle of Dante’s Hell.

Last week the challengee was a fairy tale one.

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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