Expedition Unknown exclusive preview: Josh Gates explores cave trail to find Nazi hidden gold in premiere

Gates is inside a purported cave deep in the German woods where Nazis may have hidden treasure during WWII. Pic credit: Discovery
Gates is inside a purported cave deep in the German woods where Nazis may have hidden treasure during WWII on Expedition Unknown. Pic credit: Discovery

Back during World War II, the Nazis reportedly hid gold throughout the Austrian and German woods and the hunt has been on ever since to find out where the untold treasures have been stowed away.

Some treasure has already been discovered but experts believe there is a windfall of loot out there, somewhere.

On tonight’s premiere episode of Expedition Unknown (EXU) on Discovery, host and explorer Josh Gates takes us with him as he hunts for the remaining undiscovered riches.

Below is an exciting preview from tonight’s premiere of EXU given exclusively to Monsters & Critics.

Gates is on the hunt for a cache of stolen Nazi gold and diamonds which he told us about in our exclusive interview ahead of his Egypt Live special on Discovery.  He is accompanied by treasure hunter Jean-Christophe Boulais.

He says: “Christophe and I are scouring the forests of Central Germany for a cave that he thinks might hold the loot.”

Gates sees a crevice where the depth and the fact that it is extremely hidden from any main road makes it look promising.

He asks Christophe: “Does it go back? … oh hell yeah it does look at that! It’s a cave!” The crevice looks to be a portal to a deep and cavernous hideaway.

In his voiceover, he adds to the building tension of the exploration: “It is remote, difficult to access and foreboding… in other words it’s perfect!”

As they venture in the dark, Josh says: “After you… let’s see where it goes!”

In voiceover, he adds more details: “We enter the cave and start looking for all that glitters.”

In the cave, he says to Christophe: “Oh wow, this goes way back!”

Explaining the terrain for us viewers, he says: “These limestone chambers extend beneath the hillside into multiple tunnels. This cave was once believed to be the legendary home of the goddess Venus.

Jean-Christophe is hoping that somewhere inside, the Nazis sealed up a vault of gold and diamonds.

Gates walks further into the cave. In voiceover, he says: “Before we find anything though, the main tunnel comes to a sudden end.”

He asks Christophe if this winding cave goes any deeper. He tells Gates that it does.

On the promise that there is more behind the stone wall with a crack to see further, Christophe says: “I can see two meters but there’s more”

Excited to push on, Gates says: “It definitely goes back. We have a snake cam in one of the packs… grab that and we can see what’s back here.”

He says: “Jean-Christophe goes down another of the caves passages to metal detect while I rig up our snake cam… a tiny camera
attached to a thin flexible cable. If there’s a chamber here, this device should be able to see it.

Using the cam allows him to explore the crevice. He adds: “Okay so we can see there’s a really narrow tunnel and then there’s kind of a right turn here…probably nobody has ever seen around this corner.”

What Gates sees, and what you need to tune in to discover, is that there IS something in this cave blocked by stones.

The official log line from Discovery:

Josh Gates ventures into the former Third Reich in search of an elusive Nazi fortune hidden with a code allegedly created by Hitler’s private secretary, and embedded into a piece of sheet music.

Searching for Gold on the Cave of Venus on Expedition Unknown:

Expedition Unknown premieres Wednesday, April 10 at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

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