Expedition Unknown exclusive: Josh Gates vanishes at Peru’s Gates of the Gods

Josh Gates plays with the immortals and vanishes in the Gates of the Gods. Pic credit: Discovery
Josh Gates plays with the immortals and vanishes in the Gates of the Gods. Pic credit: Discovery

On Wednesday’s exciting edition of Expedition Unknown, we wonder…where in the world is host and producer Josh Gates?

In our exclusive clip, we find him down in South America, specifically, the area between Peru and Bolivia at Lake Titicaca and at the very mysterious portal called the Gate of the Gods.

Technically it is Peru, close to the Lake Titicaca where the Puerta de Hayu Marca or The Gate of the Gods was discovered in the last century, and there is also another one in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, and is called the Gate of the Sun.

What is The Gate of the Gods?

The large sheared cliff is vertically upright like someone sliced a mountain like a cake. It has a carved recessed door dead center that also has a center carved recess in the middle of the wall that can fit a small round object.

An interesting fact – there are no ancient ruins or a modern city here. This site was clearly used for some sort of secretive ceremonial purpose.

In our clip, Josh Gates explains that ancient Inca kings used a golden sun disc to tele-transport to the celestial beyond in a bid to escape the encroaching Spanish conquistadors.

Allegedly these fortunate Inca chieftains would achieve immortality and a life ever after among their Gods.

This site is also classified as an ancient archaeological site and protected by the Peruvian government.

This ancient ‘stargate’ or a ‘portal’ was where we meet Gates in the clip.

What does Josh Gates tell us?

Walking up to the recessed portal, Gates says, “All along the edge of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Peru are ancient ruins whose origins and meanings remain shrouded in mystery.”

“But about 50 miles from the border there’s one site I’ve always wanted to visit,” he adds.

Walking up to the stone edifice, he says, “So this is incredible. This is the so-called Gate of the Gods, this gigantic stone carved doorway that may date back to the Inca or even to the Tiahuanaco.”

Explaining more he says, “No one knows for sure who made the carving or why, but legend holds that an Inca priest fleeing Spanish conquistadors came here with a sacred artifact called the Golden Sun disk… he inserted it into a circular notch in the carving and was miraculously teleported to safety.”

“So I don’t happen to have a Golden Sun disk but according to the story,” he adds. “If you just step into the gate you’ll actually disapp…”

And just like that, Gates has been beamed to a nearby mesa! That guy!

Tune in tonight to see where his travels take him along the ancient gates of Peru.

The official logline from Discovery:

Josh Gates dives into a mystery below South America’s Lake Titicaca. During the investigation, Josh discovers multiple structures of the ancient Tiwanaku people including ruins hidden in the lake’s depths, dubbed “The Atlantis of the Andes.”

Expedition Unknown airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery Channel.

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