Expedition Unknown revisits search for Sir Henry Morgan’s lost gold plus Oak Island connection

Expedition Unknown Josh Gates Captain Morgan
Josh gates and the archeology team move a chest they found in a wreck

This week Expedition Unknown sees Josh Gates revisit the hunt for Captain Morgan’s treasure, something that some people think could be buried on Oak Island.

Josh and his team joined a group of archaeologists who were searching Lajas Reef off the coast of Panama for Morgan’s flagship the Satisfaction. Using a magnetometer to search the seabed for iron containg metals they hoped to find something significant. They eventually haul up a heavily corroded chest from a wreck on the seafloor and they hope it will provide a few clues.

Sir Henry Morgan was very successful Welsh privateer who made fortunes raiding the Spanish Main, with both attack on land and at sea. He used his spoils to buy large plantations on Jamacia, where he was lauded by the local government officials and even acted as governor on a number of occasions.

Stories about his treasure are pretty widespread and there is even a theory that he hid some of it on Oak Island, but these archeologists have some good reasons for searching in this area and are hopeful of finding his ship.

Josh and underwater archaeologist Fritz Hanselmann
Josh and underwater archaeologist Fritz Hanselmann talk about Morgan’s flagship the Satisfaction

Expedition Unknown airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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