Exclusive trailer: BD Wong follows bizarre medical mysteries on HLN’s Something’s Killing Me

Artwork for HLN docuseries Something's Killing Me
HLN’s Something’s Killing Me will air in six parts, each with a different story

HLN’s chilling new documentary series Something’s Killing Me starts tonight — with Mr. Robot star BD Wong guiding us through six episodes delving into life or death medical mysteries.

The series opens tonight with a puzzling disease. In the episode, titled Hope, we see a grieving husband and caring community rally around a young mother stricken with cancer.

As the family must make arrangements for a funeral, doctors discover a shocking secret.

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Each of the six episodes will explore lesser known medical conditions that result in near-death struggles.

Thematically, each of the episodes will involve the race against time to figure out what the ailment actually is, and the backstory of how the patient found help.

Also, human malfeasance and criminal behavior are woven into the narratives.

Something’s Killing Me uses interviews with the victims, families, and doctors combined with scene-setting reenactments produced by the CNN Original Series Development team.

They interviewed doctors, scientists, and even, in some of the episodes, federal investigators, who work in tandem as “medical sleuths to solve the mystery” to save a life.

B.D. Wong said he found the series “fascinating”. He added: “It’s unlike anything else on television. It combines captivating life or death mysteries with a high standard of journalistic integrity. I’m really excited to be part of it…the stories are mind-blowing.”

After tonight’s Hope episode, next week’s episode will be The Strange Case of Dr. Gilmer (Airdate: August 20, 9pm ET/PT) where criminal doings are afoot in a small town, and a doctor with a strange disorder is at the center of it.

Following are Into Madness (Airdate: August 27, 9pm ET/PT) where a mysterious mental disorder that mimics schizophrenia befalls a young girl.

Disease Detectives (Airdate: September 10, 9pm ET/PT) is the story of CDC disease detectives hunting the source of fatal bacterial infections with a criminal twist.

Family Curse (Airdate: September 17, 9pm ET/PT) reveals a bizarre genetic disease that prevents sleep.

The final episode is Angel of Death (Airdate: September 24, 9pm ET/PT) where after patients begin dying, an investigation turns up a surprise.

Something’s Killing Me is the latest in a string of CNN Original Series, following How It Really Happened with Hill Harper, and Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

Another, Inside Secret Places with Chris Cuomo, is slated to premiere in Fall 2017 along with the second season of How It Really Happened with Hill Harper, which will feature recounts of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Casey Anthony trial, Gianni Versace murder and more.

HLN's Something's Killing Me: Exclusive trailer

Something’s Killing Me airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on HLN following The Hunt with John Walsh at 8pm. Episodes will additionally replay on HLN the following Mondays at 10pm ET and Saturdays at 10pm.

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