Very Scary People on HLN: What we know about Donnie Wahlberg’s new show

Donnie Wahlberg is the host of HLN’s brand new original series called Very Scary People. As he reveals in the trailer released on HLN’s Twitter account, the show documents the crimes and lives of some very scary people. In the trailer, Wahlberg questions what would drive a person to kill. At present time, it’s uncertain how

Ashleigh Banfield leaving CNN’s HLN TV network: Where is she going now?

Ashleigh Banfield is leaving HLN. The Crime and Justice presenter is departing the network along with Carole Costello and Michaela Pereira. According to Variety, the three news anchors have been cut as the network’s lineup of shows were not performing as expected. To fill the gaps, Morning Express with Robin Meade will be extended to

Exclusive: What killed Dr. Autumn Klein on Something’s Killing Me with BD Wong

On Sunday night, a bizarre medical mystery unfolds on HLN’s returning hit series, Something’s Killing Me with BD Wong. We meet a successful doctor who ends up dead after collapsing in her home after work, but how? Host BD Wong introduces us to Pennsylvania native Dr. Autumn Klein, a 41-year-old neurologist seemingly happily married with

Who killed Deborah Jeane Palfrey? Hill Harper investigates the DC Madam on HLN

How It Really Happened with Hill Harper on HLN tonight investigates one of the biggest scandals to rock Washington, D.C. — the arrest and subsequent mysterious death of the infamous “DC Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Author and actor Hill’s riveting docuseries explores crime and tragic events that have an air of suspicion or mystery. Tonight’s one-hour episode,