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Exclusive preview of Emmy Award-winner Guy Pearce as Jack Irish in season finale

Pearce as Irish
Jack Irish uses humor and real-life horror in a clever way to solve crimes. Pic credit: Acorn

Emmy Award-winner Guy Pearce stars as Jack Irish on Acorn TV. The murder mystery series from Australia shows off Pearce’s incredible chameleon talent to immerse himself into a character and shed the handsome movie star vibe brought to so many roles and films.

The series blends cynical wit and grisly murder scenes with a rare balance. It is a solid hit down under Australia and has amassed a large fanbase in the USA and UK. The series is a critics’ choice also, much like the excellent series Bosch. And like Bosch, this series is a pure noir mystery starring a detective (Pearce), and for the most part, all were based on the novels by Peter Temple.

The exclusive clip below reveals Jack’s troubled and complicated relationship with Marta Dusseldorp as a journalist and sometimes girlfriend-Linda Hillier.

The official description says: “As the Great White payday approaches, more people come into the line of fire, and Jack must lay to rest the ghosts of the past or risk losing everything all over again.”

About Jack Irish

Jack takes on cases that plunge him into Melbourne’s criminal underbelly.

After the execution-style death of an off-duty cop, Barry calls in a favor with Jack, leading him on a journey to find out the buried truth about his murdered wife.

As the body count rises around Irish, he seeks help from Linda, as they are working together to investigate what Barry actually knew about Isabel’s death.

The countdown to payday begins as Jack hunts down Barry’s killer but, as the truth is unraveled and starts to seep out, Jack’s world is turned upside down.

About Guy Pearce

Pearce was recently seen in HBO’s excellent limited series, Mare of Easttown, Pearce is starring in the sci-fi thriller film Zone 414.

In this coming film, Pearce is cast as a private investigator named David Carmichael, investigating a young woman’s disappearance. The twist is he is partnered with an AI.

Soon, he finds himself figuring out a crime that questions the entire colony where they live. Zone 414 will be released in theaters, on VOD, and digitally on September 3.

Jack Irish: Hell Bent is available on Monday, August 2, on Acorn TV.

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  1. Loved it! The finish was heart warming. And why not? In the real world, or that depicted in cinema, where there is so much madness, why not a little sunshine and good feels after the mayhem is over?


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