Exclusive: Mountain Monsters preview of Bloodbath In The Woods, now it’s personal

Wild Bill is on the cow-killer case in the next Mountain Monsters.
Wild Bill is on the cow-killer case in the next Mountain Monsters. Pic credit: Travel Channel

Mountain Monsters on Travel Channel has a few loose ends to sew up before their hunt for Bigfoot—the season’s official focus—is resumed. Unfortunately, the Grafton Monster is the likely culprit to be ripping up cows, or as Will Bill calls it, the “cow-killing bastard.”

Do not attempt to hunt the Grafton Monster by yourself. So many unknowns exist about this legendary beast, some attribute to grisly maulings. Now, the new episode this weekend sees the clues pile up as they hunt for Bigfoot, but the A.I.M.S. team is sidelined by the legendary Grafton Monster detour happening in Tygart Valley.

Last week Buck showed us the bloody remains found shredded to bits. It was far more violent than anything a coyote or wolf could achieve.

According to Wild Bill, this week, the heat is on for the cow killer, aka cow-killing bastard. Now it’s personal as these amateur paranormal investigators with a side of Appalachian cornball are convinced that this thing is the real deal.

Energetically, the camera work is straight-up Blair Witch Project in frenetic takes as we shadow the team to monster-baiting glory.

About the Grafton Monster

After realizing the Grafton Monster is hunting livestock, the A.I.M.S. team comes in hot onto a local cattle farm. So they set off on a night-stalking mission to hunt for what they believe is the creature’s most recent victim and encounter an absolute bloodbath.

The Grafton Monster gets its name from Grafton, West Virginia, where legend has it a humanoid creature exists, with rubber-like skin and at least nine feet in height. Some believe it is headless, others think its head is tucked in its neck, but either way, this is purportedly a blood-thirsty beast capable of ripping whole cows apart.

About the series

Colt with Trapper
Colt Straub (L), here with the late Trapper Tice (R), is the genius who steers the Mountain Monsters A.I.M.S. team in their hunt for elusive creatures. Pic credit: Travel Channel

It’s Bigfoot or bust for the Appalachian Investigations of Mysterious Sightings team (A.I.M.S.) as they head back to the Tygart Valley in West Virginia.

The surviving members, Willy McQuillian, Jeff Headlee, Alfred “Huckleberry” Lott, Jacob “Buck” Lowe, and William “Wild Bill” Neff, are determined to go after a massive Bigfoot that they know roams these hidden hills.

In Monsters & Critics’ exclusive interview with the showrunner Colt Straub, we learn intimate details of all the cast. Straub gives us a rundown on each cast member as he pays tribute to the late Trapper Tice, whom he misses very much. In our interview, he said: “Now it’s been two years since Trapper passed away, yet he’ll always be there. Trapper is very much part of the show. He’s still the backbone of the show. But, the mood’s a little bit lighter this season, which is nice.”

Season Six of the cult-classic series returns with ten new one-hour episodes.

Suspend disbelief and go with the flow:

Mountain Monsters airs 10 p.m. ET/PT Sundays on Travel Channel and begins streaming Sunday, January 16 on discovery+

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Jennifer Burkeen
Jennifer Burkeen
1 year ago

My family and I love the show. Been watching since the first season. It get better and better every season. We recently were able to meet all the guys except Jeff and by doing so has made the show for me more special. I feel like I know the guys and they make the show to where you feel like you are out there with them. Again love the show and the guys and I hope the show keeps going For a while longer. Thanks guys for such an amazing show. Love you all! ??