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Exclusive Interview: The One’s Zoë Tapper talks about filming challenges and the future of Kate and Sophia

Production still from The One.
Zoe Tapper in The One. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s science-fiction series The One transports its audience into a world where perfect couples have the option of being matched using a DNA service.

The show is wildly entertaining and effortlessly diverse as it explores a relatable urge for connectivity, especially during times plagued by lockdowns and social separation.

English actor Zoë Tapper stars in The One as Kate Saunders. Tapper’s character is extremely nuanced as she serves as the leading detective investigating the DNA matchmaking service’s creator, Rebecca Webb, while, at the same time, using the app to find her true love. 

As the series continues, Kate finds herself being matched to a woman named Sophia Rodriguez. Tapper opened up about this experience, describing the two character’s first interactions as “challenging.” She explained that the show’s main actors are located around the world; therefore, they were slowly filtered onto the set. 

Monsters and Critics spoke exclusively with Zoë Tapper about her experience playing Kate and what she hopes is next for her character. 

At the top of our conversation, Tapper discussed the recent changes in her personal life. She’s been packed busy with the press circuit for The One, but things have slowly calmed down as her children’s school has reopened, welcoming back a sense of normalcy.

Our interview was lighthearted and enjoyable as Tapper spoke excitedly about her role in The One — and her energy was infectious as she shared her love for her character. 

On the ‘challenging’ scene between Kate and Sophia 

When Tapper had to film her character’s scene communicating with her match for the first time, the actor who plays Sophia (Jana Pérez) was not yet on set, or even in the same country. Tapper said, “I remember having to have that moment where we were supposed to have this incredible electricity and connectivity through ‘Zoom’ and it just being a blank screen.” 

She added, “I suppose that was a bit challenging because so much of what we do is, obviously, reacting to the people that you’re speaking with. So, not only do we have this barrier of ‘Zoom’ but if you literally have a blank screen and you’re supposed to be falling in love with someone dramatically, your power of imagination has to be good.” 

However, she made sure to add that she “loved” playing Kate. This was Tapper’s first time playing a detective and these two parallel storylines, between the investigation and the love story, was a refreshing experience as she was able to “wear multiple hats.” 

On what’s next for Kate and Sophia

The One features a big twist between lovers Kate and Sophia. Towards the end of the series, it is revealed that Sophia has a twin brother named Sebastian. Due to the DNA logistics, in this world, people can have more than one match as siblings share bits of their DNA make-up. 

Tapper expressed that she loves both actors and would be interested in diving into a love triangle between Kate, Sophia, and Sebastian. However, she made it clear that this is a personal hope of hers and that she has no information about a potential Season 2 for The One. 

She shared, “I like the controversy of it. I love the obstacle that is going to give Kate. Possibly being torn between a brother and a sister is something that I’ve never experienced, in real life or on-screen.” 

Tapper laughed and added, “It’s going to be really interesting to find out where they take that and what happens, of course, when the two siblings realize that this is what’s going on. Because at the moment, Sophia certainly doesn’t know that her brother is encroaching on her space.”

On if there’s a character that Tapper would’ve liked to interact with more on-screen 

Due to different filming schedules and living locations, the cast had some spacey interactions. One of the most standout aspects of the series, other than the creative storyline that the creators presented and the cast’s incredible performances, was how the characters all had intertwining storylines but never fully came together in a single scene. 

Tapper explained that the storyline she’s most interested in and would love to explore further is the “buddy relationship” between Kate and her detective sidekick Nick (Greg Chillin). She said, “They seemingly have such a loving, friendly, cozy, buddy relationship and I think the fallout of his betrayal is going to be enormous.” 

Happily, she recalled how he was a “challenge to work with” because they would occasionally get in trouble for giggling on set. This launched Tapper into a story about how they got a case of “the giggles” so badly that the production crew had to communicate with them over their microphone sets to remind them that they’re filming a serious scene. 

It was great to hear about the amazing dynamics onset between the cast and the joy that was experienced, despite the show’s serious and dramatic nature. 

Watch our full interview below!

The One is currently streaming on Netflix.

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