Exclusive clip: Watch Hector and Lena’s tense exchange on this week’s Berlin Station

Emilia Schüle
Lena isn’t having any of Hector’s charm offensive on this week’s Berlin Station

On tonight’s white-knuckler episode of Berlin Station on Epix, Otto Ganz (Thomas Kretschmann) puts heavy demands on Daniel (Richard Armitage) to see if the explosives he plans to use in a terrorist strike are viable.

But before that goes down, in our exclusive clip, we see Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans, wearing quite possibly the coolest sunglasses ever) meet with Lena Ganz (Emilia Schüle) in a public restaurant to oversee the money transfer to her father Otto. It’s a testy exchange.

Lena does not like Hector and makes it known immediately. “You don’t have to make small talk with me,” she says. “Isn’t it obvious I don’t like you?”

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Hector is taken aback and says: “You don’t know anything about me.”

Rhys Ifans
Hector DeJean wants Lena to trust and like him, but it’s not likely based on what we see in this clip

But later in the episode, Berlin Station’s sting operation to expose the arms deal is in danger of going south. The shadow villain behind politician Katerina Gerhardt, Otto Ganz, may escape. Station chief BB Yates (Ashley Judd) is overseeing the sting op from the SCIF, while April and Robert follow Daniel and Hector.

Still in the crosshairs of Ambassador Hanes, a right-leaning Gerhardt sympathizer, is prickly suffer-no-fools Robert (Leland Orser) and cucumber cool Frost (Richard Jenkins) who examine the money trail behind the PfD’s dirty deeds.

Also tonight, Esther and Valerie are tasked to surveil Katerina’s home to arrest her as soon as the deal is done. But there’s a catch as BB tells Hector that the payment did not go through.

What will happen tonight as Otto processes what he believes to be a betrayal by Katerina? Tonight will be a tense standoff as Otto must weigh his role as a father, but his fate is a wildcard on Berlin Station.

But first, watch our exclusive clip of Lena’s awkward and terse exchange with Hector at a cafe:

Berlin Station Season 2: Ep 205 Hector and Lena at Cafe I EPIX

Berlin Station airs Sundays at 9pm on EPIX.

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