Exclusive clip: Monica Beets is Kevin’s boss, now the whole family is swearing on Gold Rush

Monica Beets talks to Kevin on Gold Rush
Monica and Kevin Beets examine their smoking conveyor on this week’s Gold Rush

“Time to Shine” is the title of our exclusive Gold Rush clip from tonight’s episode on Discovery — but it should be “The family that works together swears together”.

At Eureka Creek, Tony Beets has put his daughter Monica Beets in charge of her very first operation.

And as the episode unfolds we see how Tony’s infamous propensity for salty language has been passed down in the Beets family. In other words, the f-bomb-spouting acorn does not fall far from the f-bomb-spouting tree.

Our exclusive clip below opens with a hardworking Monica finally in the catbird seat as she is given a big responsibility by Tony to man a crane digging up paydirt.

But the pretty picture is soon given the Beets treatment, as she jolts to a halt saying: “Oh, there’s a really big f****** rock there, f*** that hole.”

Monica is taking the lead as she makes money in her own plant, a half mile west of Kevin Beets’ broken down gold dredge. Until his dredge is repaired, he will be working for his sister.

Now, Monica is now Kevin’s boss.

She says: “It’s nice to be actually making money, with the center cut, with my cut, with my plant… instead of with Kevin [Beets] and Kevin’s dredge.”

Dad Tony sends up a congratulatory rant, saying: “Yeah, I think it’s nice for Monica to take charge over here. I mean she grew up in this s*** so basically she don’t know any better, right?”

Keeping her nose to the grindstone, Monica says: “We are 224 ounces away from my father’s 2,000 ounces goal…we are just gonna keep sluicing until it freezes.”

But then a problem arises. “What the f***?” Monica says as smoke comes out of a conveyor.

Kevin adds, in true Beets style, “That’s not f****** good.”

Bonus Intel from Discovery: Ratings continue to soar as Gold Rush remains cable’s #1 Friday Prime telecast for the 16th straight week!

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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