Exclusive: Bigfoot exists, according to The Proof Is Out There experts on History Channel

Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Dr. Jeff Meldrum is convinced the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film is no hoax. Pic credit: History

This Friday, a supersized episode of The Proof Is Out There on History explores the lore and legend of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch or even Yeti to some. The preponderance of sightings in North America clusters in the Pacific Northwest, but large biped hairy hominid accounts are ubiquitous worldwide.

Now, Tony Harris is the journalist and host of this series in its second season for History Channel. He directly steers the salacious and seemingly bizarre phenomenon to experts, who analyze all the audio and visual evidence presented, whether it’s Bigfoot, an enormous snake, or a UFO sighting.

This supersized episode will solely focus on the beloved and elusive hairy man-ape monster who seems the happiest lurking in the woods. 

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is part of a trio arranged in panel analyzing the most famous film, the Patterson-Gimlin film shot back in 1967. In Monsters & Critics exclusive preview, Meldrum says: “Most people do not have the composure to whip out their camera” when crossing paths with an unexpected giant creature in the hinterlands.

Meldrum is an Idaho State University professor of anatomy and anthropology. In Monsters & Critics exclusive preview, Dr. Meldrum explains people lose their composure and ability to get clean footage when they happen on a surprise encounter with a mysterious and large ape-like man.

About the Bigfoot episode

Bigfoot comes your way this Friday, December 3, on History. Host and journalist Tony Harris manages the onslaught of information and commentary as they examine the various Bigfoot footage caught over the years frame by frame.

The experts review several videos, including the 1967 Patterson–Gimlin film that allegedly capture Bigfoot on the move. In the end, the Patterson-Gimlin film is the one most every expert agrees is no hoax.

High-tech restoration processes seal the deal, as Harris presents the expert panels with Meldrum joined by AI engineer Isaac Tian, special effects expert, and Hollywood legend Bill Munns.

Every aspect of the Patterson-Gimlin film is now more precise, and from the motion of the feet to the musculature of the neck and torso are intensely analyzed. Not to mention, the 1967 Bigfoot is most definitely a female with swinging breasts and a natal cleft (aka butt crack). 

Other experts include Ken Gerhard, anthropologist Kathy Strain, and zoologist Roxy Furman.

These academics conclude that this “Patty” Sasquatch weighed approximately 880 pounds, and the creature’s breasts exhibited fluidity when the biped was in motion. Munns posits that costumed prosthetic breastplates of that era had no natural movement. 

The verdict on Bigfoot

According to Dr. Meldrum and his two fellow experts, there is truth to the Patterson-Gimlin film. They conclude the 1967 film shows something not human, and certainly not a hoax either. 

The Proof is Out There airs Friday at 10/9c on History Channel.

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Nancy Dee
Nancy Dee
2 years ago

The. Patterson film was done as a publicity stunt for Brooks Cameras in SFO. The man in the suit was a 6’7” employee. I’ve known the true story since I was a teenager.