Exclusive: An exciting discovery in Escobar’s apartment on Finding Escobar’s Millions

Claudia an Doug listen to Paul who has a beat on where some hidden Escobar loot may be hiding
Claudia an Doug listen to Paul who has a beat on where some hidden Escobar loot may be hiding

Hopefully, on tonight’s Finding Escobar’s Millions, the crew will not have a Geraldo River Al Capone’s vault experience as they go on a forensic search to find any hiding spots Escobar may have hidden his money inside one of his swanky marble houses.

One of Escobar’s relatives, Claudia, helps former CIA operatives Doug Laux and Ben Smith coordinate with a geophysical technician named Paul Bauman who uses technology and resonance scanning to locate voids in the walls, and under the floors in our exclusive clip.

The clip shows they have some success and have discovered a juicy hidden spot with what looks to be a box behind some walls.


Paul says: “Claudia has shown us a couple rooms that I wanted to point out to you guys because if we find a plastic safe the metal detectors the magnetometers they’re gonna be useless in this apartment.”

The team investigate a marbled bathroom where there once was a big hole in the wall, now covered with mirror

They will employ snake cameras which are emitting ground-penetrating radar along with a concrete scanner. Laux explains that those are the things that will enable the crew to “see” behind walls and help find where the late drug overlord and terrorist Pablo Escobar might have concealed money.

The trio also investigates a walk-in closet where a safe is believed to be stored too.

Paul discovers the perfect interior wall for hiding something, as they scan the walls with the radar from the other side and look for any suspicious voids or objects. Doug posits that Pablo was smart enough to use a plastic safe to avoid detection.

The ground-penetrating radar sends out high-frequency radio waves which either penetrate or bounces off an object or the lack of an object behind a wall or in the ground.  It can tell the guys the size and the shape of the object there.

Exciting news. What looks to be a box that’s 30 to 50 inches in dimension is discovered in a perfectly square shape hidden inside a wall!

Finding Escobar’s Millions airs Friday at 10 pm on Discovery.

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