Former CIA agents make major discovery on Finding Escobar’s Millions season finale

Former CIA operatives Doug Laux and Ben Smith make a major discovery on tonight’s season finale of Finding Escobar’s Millions on Discovery — after clues lead them to the hometown of Pablo Escobar’s former partner José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha. The duo are pointed in the direction of Gacha’s old properties in Pacho, Colombia, by Escobar’s former

Exclusive clip: Go deep inside a real drug tunnel on Finding Escobar’s Millions

On this week’s Finding Escobar’s Millions, former CIA operatives Doug Laux and Ben Smith investigate a hidden underground tunnel that was used by drug traffickers including Pablo Escobar. In our exclusive clip, Smith explains how the tunnel was a relic of the Spanish rule in Colombia, built for battle before winding up being used centuries later for

Former drug runner tells how he sprayed ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ with COCAINE on Finding Escobar’s Millions

Former cartel drug and money runner Mickey Munday reveals on tonight’s Finding Escobar’s Millions how he sprayed liquid cocaine on to “hundreds of millions of dollars”, mostly $100 bills. Munday — the “get” for former CIA operatives Doug Laux and Ben Smith on tonight’s truth-is-stranger-than-fiction edition of the Discovery show — explains he did it because

Exclusive: Finding Escobar’s Millions reveals historical headquarters in cartel wars

Tonight on Finding Escobar’s Millions, we head to the “hot place” — the ground central location where Colombian and American forces worked together to fight Pablo Escobar and his Medellin cocaine cartel. The two countries’ law enforcement personnel joined forces to combat the growing political power Escobar wielded in the region. Interspersed in a series