Former CIA operatives hunt for drug lord’s fortune in new series Finding Escobar’s Millions

Doug and Ben
Doug and Ben are hoping they can use their skillset for finding people to find the buried cash

Finding Escobar’s Millions is a new series on Discovery following a search for the huge sums of cash that Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is said to have stashed away.

This series tracks two former CIA intelligence officers as they start their search for the millions or even billions of dollars in cash that the drug dealer is said to have buried all over Columbia. Doug Laux and Ben Smith are both former CIA and on the show they work with the DEA agents who were assigned the original case and helped infiltrate Escobar’s close circle.

In this first episode they visit a barrio that Escobar had constructed and talk to the nearby villagers who still regard Escobar with affection. He spent large sums of money improving living conditions for the locals and helping out the poor and homeless. This loyalty means that Laux and Smith have to tread lightly as anything suspicious could land them in trouble.

Pablo Escobar's mugshot
Pablo Escobar in a mugshot taken in the 1970s

Later they meet one of the drug lord’s most notorious hitmen and it’s not an experience either is likely to forget in a hurry.

Escobar grew his operation from a small enterprise into the biggest drug smuggling operation in the world and became the most wanted man on the planet in the process. He was generating so much hard cash that he and his associates were forced to bury and hide it all over the country.

He was eventually tracked down by a special team in an operation costing millions and he died in the ensuing firefight, though his family members say that he delivered the final shot through his ear himself.

Will the former CIA men be able to find the missing millions or will their search be fruitless?

Finding Escobar’s Millions airs on Fridays at 10:02 PM on Discovery Channel.

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