Former drug runner tells how he sprayed ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ with COCAINE on Finding Escobar’s Millions

Mickey Munday on Finding Escobar's Millions
Former drug runner Mickey Munday brags to Doug and Ben about his cocaine exploits

Former cartel drug and money runner Mickey Munday reveals on tonight’s Finding Escobar’s Millions how he sprayed liquid cocaine on to “hundreds of millions of dollars”, mostly $100 bills.

Munday — the “get” for former CIA operatives Doug Laux and Ben Smith on tonight’s truth-is-stranger-than-fiction edition of the Discovery show — explains he did it because he wanted “everybody” to test positive for cocaine.

Speaking to Laux and Smith over some tequila, he tells them: “I would take the money to my hangar, bust it out and spread it all over the floor of the hangar.

“I would put plastic bags on my legs like boots, [put on] gloves masks and I would take a yard sprayer, you know, like you would for weeds or insecticide, and I would put alcohol in it and I would put the cocaine in and I’d shake it up.

“And I would go through and I would spray all of the money and then I would sweep it all up and put it in a big garbage bag and mark it.”

He added: “If you test money it tests positive for drugs, implying that people would roll it up and snort it…well that’s true, I’m sure people did, but the real reason is that I sprayed hundreds of millions of dollars with cocaine.”

Asked why he did it, he says: “I wanted everybody to test positive for cocaine — every doctor, every judge, every policeman. If he’s got money, and one bill rubs against another bill, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Munday’s braggadocio of his former life is valuable information that Laux and Smith can extract as they continue their mission of finding hidden fortunes scattered all over Colombia from drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s money-making reign.

Smith says of speaking with Munday: “There’s a little bit of nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ when he was a cocaine cowboy, and he wants to show off. The more he brags, the more information we get.”

Finding Escobar’s Millions airs Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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