Everything to know before watching Keep Breathing on Netflix

Melissa Barrera
Melissa Barrera plays Liv in Keep Breathing. Pic credit: © Sadou/Admedia

Some people find a desperate urge to leave their life in a bustling city for a quieter, more secluded lifestyle, but things aren’t so simple in Keep Breathing.

Liv Rivera (Melissa Barrera) is a New York City lawyer. Liv doesn’t put up with any funny games and is a bit closed off to those around her.

Netflix describes the main character Liv as a workaholic who is afraid to create close connections due to her troubled past and childhood.

Looking for a new start and to leave the city, Liv gets on a plane with a photographer named Sam and a pilot named George, heading to Inuvik in northern Canada.

Unfortunately, the plane crashes in the wild, and Liv is forced to confront her past, accept herself now, and try to stay alive.

The limited series was released at the end of July. Brendan Gall and Martin Fero created the survival drama series.

Watch the trailer and meet the cast for Keep Breathing

Scream actress Melissa Barrera is joined by Austin Stowell, Jeff Wilbusch, and Florence Lozano as the main cast.

The trailer shows a bit of Liv’s current predicament, trying to survive as well as her past.

Her story goes back and forth between her present and her past and what she’s looking forward to in her future.

Keep Breathing spoilers: What is Liv running from?

It’s made clear from the trailer that Liv is both running from and searching for something in her life. Obviously, she is searching for rescue and trying to survive, but there’s more to the story than just her survival.

Liz’s primary motivation for leaving New York and heading into the Canadian wilderness is to track down her estranged mother.

Her mother left when she was a child, but now Liv is faced with her own choice to make: Liv is pregnant with a colleague’s baby.

Using only old postcards from her mother, Liv is on a mission to find the woman who left, have her questions answered, and finally, find closure for what happened in her life so she can move forward.

The story fades between the lines of her present reality, past, and her future as she begins to hallucinate in the Candian wilderness. Though it has been confirmed that Liv does survive, there is still a lot of gray area about what is real and what isn’t in her life.

Keep Breathing is now streaming on Netflix.

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Richard Pitruzzello
Richard Pitruzzello
1 year ago

This show is hard to watch.
All the flashbacks are confusing as they jump around in and out of different time frames.
Melissa Barrera does a great job as the lead actress and the Northwest Canadian scenery is beautiful, but the story is tough to follow.