Elaine on Survivor 2019: Bold move leads to immediate reward

Elaine On Survivor
Elaine Stott is a Survivor: Island of the Idols cast member. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Elaine is on Survivor 2019, and she is starting to look like a real contender to win the Island of the Idols season. During the episode titled “Suck It Up Buttercup,” she made a bold move that may have saved her game.

Elaine got the chance to meet with “Boston Rob” Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine, even though it happened after she was cast out by her tribe. At the Team Reward Challenge, she was asked to sit out by her tribe, but host Jeff Probst sent her to meet the idols instead. That turned out to be a game-changing moment for Season 39.

The task that Rob and Sandra placed in front of Elaine was to prove she had the courage needed to succeed at this game. She had to retrieve a satchel from underneath a table during the Team Immunity Challenge without being spotted. Elaine accomplished the task and was allowed to cancel out the vote of someone at Tribal Council.

At that fateful Tribal Council, where her tribe was sent after losing the Team Immunity Challenge, Elaine voided the vote of Jason Linden. It was a pivotal move, as Jason was then voted out 4-3, with the other three votes given to Elaine. Had she not used the advantage, Jason was going to vote for her.

Who is Elaine Stott on Survivor 2019?

Elaine is a 41-year-old factory worker who already gained a large fan-following during Season 39 of the show. Making bold moves like the one that she did in Episode 6 will continue to gain her favor among the viewers.

Before coming on the show, she was born and raised in Kentucky. She currently calls Woodbine her home and considers herself independent, stubborn, and kind. That’s how she described herself in the pre-show interviews this season.

When asked which former Survivor contestant she is most like, Elaine said: “I think I am most like Rupert, rough and raw on the outside, and a big marshmallow on the inside. He seemed to be a very kind person just like me.”

Keep an eye on Elaine Stott as the rest of Survivor 2019 plays out because she appears to have the grit and determination to make it to the end. Can Elaine earn the title of Survivor winner?

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS. 

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