Drew Carey praises The Price Is Right contestant’s ‘amazing’ skills as some fans question ‘epic’ win

drew carey from the price is right june 2024 episode
Host Drew Carey witnessed some impressive wins on some recent The Price Is Right episodes. Pic credit: CBS

The Price Is Right featured some impressive performances during recent episodes, including several incredible wins.

Many called one of those recent wins historic, as a contestant had the closest Showcase bid ever without help.

Due to that bid, he won many prizes, including several trips and a new car.

Another “epic” moment happened recently during the game show’s Dice Game, as a contestant tried to win a new car.

The Price Is Right game typically features a car as the prize. The game board only shows the first number in the car’s price. Contestants guess about the remaining numbers one by one.

The contestant gets multiple dice to roll, and whatever number they roll on their die, they have to guess if the following number in the car’s price is higher or lower.

Contestant achieves ‘epic’ The Price Is Right win

In the Dice Game, it helps if a contestant rolls the exact number of the car’s price. However, it also helps if contestants roll one or six on the die. If that number isn’t in the price, it becomes evident whether the actual number is higher or lower.

And Devon, a recent contestant on the game show’s June episode, did just that.

He rolled six on his first attempt, indicating that the second number in the car’s price was lower.

“Keep that going, man,” host Drew Carey told Devon, who amazingly rolled another six.

“Another six! Is it a six?” the host asked, and it wasn’t, making it lower.

From there, Devon impressively rolled a one, so the second-to-last number in the car’s price was higher.

“This is it, pal. One more,” Drew told him as Devon held the die in his hand before rolling it.

“Six! You got a car!” Drew exclaimed as Devon seemed like he couldn’t believe it.

The Price Is Right’s Instagram shared a clip of the Dice Game win below with the text, “an EPIC dice game sweep!”

“Nice job. Wow, that was insane,” the host told Devon after he’d won.

Drew told him to “go get” his new car, and the winning contestant eventually composed himself before hugging model Manuela Arbelaez and checking out his new Hyundai Elantra SEL.

“That was amazing,” Drew said after the impressive dice-rolling won a car.

Fans reacted to ‘Dice Game sweep,’ and some even questioned it or called it ‘rigged’

Devon’s win seemed to require incredible luck or special dice-rolling skills. Many viewers flocked to the comment section of the Price Is Right video clip to share their thoughts.

One fan mentioned that this contestant’s “PERFECT Dice Game” arrived four days after the episode featuring the “CLOSEST Double Showcase win without help in history.”

“Season 52 has been one for the books,” the commenter said.

Other commenters called it a “perfect dice game win” or “just wild.”

“Has that ever happened before?” another commenter asked.

instagram screenshot from the price is right comments about contestant dice game
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

Along with that question about the recent win, some commenters seemed skeptical about praising it. One commenter indicated that it was “obviously rigged” for the contestant.

“Boss already knew he won!! He has some similar dice at home that he rolls,” a commenter joked.

Another seemingly called out a technique with dice that helps.

“Love that he started every roll with the six facing the wall! Smart move,” a comment said.

the price is right fans call out contestant dice game win in screenshot of comments from instagram
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

As mentioned, June’s The Price Is Right episodes have featured some exciting moments in the game show’s history. A previous contestant made headlines after bidding just $1 lower than the actual price of his Showcase prize package.

That won him many nice prizes and coverage from various media sources. However, the contestant said he didn’t have practice or memorize the prices of potential prizes. Instead, he said his Double Showcase win happened with just a “guess.”

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Ken Blessing
Ken Blessing
10 days ago

That show has been fixed for years. It all comes down to whether you get an easy game like (Safecrackers) or really hard like (Time is money).