Down to Earth shows why Iceland should be on your bucket list

Zac Efron on Down to Earth
Zac Efron enjoyed his time in Iceland filming for Netflix’s Down to Earth. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s brand new travel show with a twist, Down to Earth With Zac Efron, has proved to be a massive hit with numerous glamorous and exotic locations on display.

However, the first episode proved just why Iceland should be on your bucket list.

The Down to Earth docuseries features the incredibly handsome Zac Efron as he and healthy living guru pal, Darin Olien, travel the Earth in search of healthy and sustainable living solutions for the planet.

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They even have a water sommelier who’s determined to get everyone drinking the best and freshest water.

Fans of Efron should note that he’s traded in his boyish looks from High School Musical and swapped them for a far more beardy rugged look, which should bring no complaints from anyone.

Efron and Olien will be traveling to France, Costa Rica, Peru, and the Amazon rain forest, among other places in their quest to find the good life.

But their first port of call was the nordic country of Iceland, right smack in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean. They were not disappointed.

Down to Earth With Zac Efron loves Iceland

It seems that Iceland ticks all the right boxes for Efron and Olien, who were particularly taken with the country’s innovative system of energy production.

Iceland gets 99.99% of its electricity from renewable resources. Over 70% is from hydropower, and nearly 30% is geothermal, and a small percentage comes from wind power.

The geothermal power comes from underground volcanic activity, whereas the hydro comes from the thousands of beautiful waterfalls that are dotted around this former Viking stronghold.

Environmentalists will be fascinated to learn that it was not always thus, as Iceland used to import lots of fossil fuels but then worked hard over the past 40 decades to turn the situation around.

However, not just environmentalists were smitten with the island nation as Down to Earth also gave everybody a taste of the stunning scenery that’s on offer.

Efron and Olien also showed off the local delights by sampling a delicacy made of reindeer meat. And for those who don’t fancy eating Rudolph, the pair also enjoyed a very relaxing spa experience.

Fans on Twitter loved Iceland

Fans showed their love for all things Iceland by taking to Twitter. One Twitter user wrote, “wow, I’m in love with Iceland,” after watching the show.

Tweeter praising Iceland after watching Down to Earth
Pic credit: @MsNina_Rivera/ Twitter

“All I can say is Iceland is freakin beautiful man,” said another user.

Twitter user praises Iceland
Pic credit: @muhammad_kratos/ Twitter

Iceland has hit many people’s bucket lists, and rightly so.

The country is resplendent with natural wonders all within a few hours of the nation’s charming capital, Reykavik. Just a word of warning, compared to the good ole’ USA, things are really expensive there.

Also, if you travel in winter, expect to get no more than a few hours of daylight, although if you do, you’ll be blessed with the most beautiful sunrise/sunset lighting conditions within that time.

Also, bring a jacket!

Fans of Zac Efron had a scare at the end of last year after he developed a typhoid-like illness while filming in Papua New Guinea. Thankfully, he seemed to make a full recovery.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron is currently streaming on Netflix.

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