Does Rick die on The Walking Dead? What happened to Andrew Lincoln?

Rick Grimes Final Episode
Rick Grimes during his final episode of The Walking Dead in Season 9. Pic credit: AMC/YouTube

Rick Grimes helped make The Walking Dead. Played by Andrew Lincoln, the character ushered in a new entry into the zombie genre. The six-episode premiere season was a hit and Rick became a fan-favorite on AMC.

Rick helped lead a group of survivors all the way to Season 9 when he left the primary cast during Episode 5 of that year. It was a poignant episode that also ended up being the last time that viewers saw Maggie Greene.

In regard to Rick, the actor who plays him (Lincoln) wanted to spend more time with his family at his London home. This forced the producers and writers to make a difficult decision about moving forward.

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Every Rick Grimes Kill In Season 9 | The Walking Dead

Does Rick die on The Walking Dead?

As Season 10 of the show progresses, a lot of fans have been asking if Rick dies on The Walking Dead. More questions came up during the Season 10 premiere when he was referenced by his kids.

Now, there are two ways to answer this question. On the show itself, Rick Grimes was rescued by a helicopter and taken to a mysterious destination. He did not die during the last episode where he was shown as part of the TWD cast.

Alternatively, it’s possible that Rick is going to die during The Walking Dead movies. When AMC releases them, the timelines are expected to cover the time jump that took place in Season 9. That’s when the audience got to see Judith Grimes grow up.

So, it’s possible that he dies in one of the movies. It’s also possible he survives. But if he does die, it would mean that his death has already taken place in the timeline, as Season 10 happens after the movies.

The Walking Dead Cast on Andrew Lincoln's Departure

The great news is that we haven’t seen the last of Rick Grimes within The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln may never return to the shows, but at least we will all get to see him taking on the role of Rick again very soon.

For fans who haven’t seen it, they did release a teaser trailer already.

The Walking Dead airs new episodes Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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