Doctor Who: What is hidden in the vault?

The Doctor and Nardole investigate the vault
The Doctor and Nardole investigate the vault. But what are they guarding?

What are the Doctor and Nardole guarding in the vault? That’s the question fans have been asking since Doctor Who returned to our screens on Easter Saturday.

In the opening episode ‘The Pilot’ we learn that the Doctor and Nardole have been regularly guarding something in a vault within the grounds of the university campus where the Doctor has been working.

During last week’s episode ‘Smile’, Bill asks the Doctor if he is concerned about being away from 21st century England with no one guarding it.

The Doctor pretty much dismisses it and says he can go back to it at the time before they left…the TARDIS is a time machine after all.

But we do learn that the Doctor has promised someone or some group that he’d guard this mysterious item hidden from sight in the vault.

But what is it? We are as intrigued as the fans are, and of course have a couple of theories of our own.

One theory is that it is the Master’s TARDIS.  

Our reasoning for this theory is we will be seeing John Simm as the Master again. So in a way it makes sense for him to have gotten another TARDIS, and with the Doctor and the Master having a past the Doctor would be watching it very closely.

Another theory we have is that he is guarding some sort of portal to his home world Gallifrey.

Stands to reason that with so many megalomaniacal Time Lords on the Doctor’s home world, he’d want to make sure none of them found a way to Earth to cause the locals any trouble. 

It could also be they’re waiting for a time when the Doctor can return his home world to its rightful place in the galaxy, as opposed to keeping it on the very edge.

There are a lot of theories out there, some crazier and more outlandish than others.

Fact is it could be just about anything from Doctor Who’s incredibly long history or something completely new. Who knows?

What do you think is in the vault?

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