The Suicide Squad: Who is Peter Capaldi’s Thinker?

As its first trailer hits, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is showing off some of the new characters added for the movie.  That includes the first look at former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi whose villain The Thinker may end up having a significant part of the film’s plot.  Who is The Thinker? The original

The 10 best Doctors from Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of the longest-running science fiction shows in the history of television. It first started in 1963, with William Hartnell as the first Doctor, and continued until 1989. After it returned in 2005, it has become a cultural icon and has amassed a large group of dedicated fans. But who are the

Who are the Ice Warriors on Doctor Who?

Tonight’s episode of Doctor Who sees the return of the Ice Warriors. But who are they and where do they come from? The Ice Warriors first appeared on Doctor Who back in 1967 in an six-part story called The Ice Warriors. The Warriors would face off against Patrick Trougton’s second Doctor Who on two occasions

Who Is The Master on Doctor Who?

Last week’s episode of Doctor Who concluded with Nardole hearing some very distinct knocking sounds coming from the vault — which led us to believe that The Master was trapped inside. But who is The Master? He first entered the world of Doctor Who back in 1971 when the late Roger Delgado played the role. Since

Doctor Who: What is hidden in the vault?

What are the Doctor and Nardole guarding in the vault? That’s the question fans have been asking since Doctor Who returned to our screens on Easter Saturday. In the opening episode ‘The Pilot’ we learn that the Doctor and Nardole have been regularly guarding something in a vault within the grounds of the university campus where

Doctor Who monsters and villains we’d love to see return

Today sees the premiere of a new series of Doctor Who on both BBC 1 and BBC America, with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor getting a new companion in Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts. Over the years, The Doctor has defeated the Daleks and Cybermen over and over again, but there are also lots of other villains and