Disaster for Parker Schnabel after Rick Ness cranks up production on Gold Rush

Rick Ness on Gold Rush
Rick Ness is feeling the pressure on Gold Rush this week — and it doesn’t end well

Rick Ness feels like he’s left with no choice but to crank production up to the max on this week’s Gold Rush — after boss Parker Schnabel pressures him to come up with more gold.

But things end in disaster when the water being used at the plant turns to mud almost as soon as he ramps up production. Muddy water’s no good, as it washes the gold right out of the sluices.

By increasing the yardage around 25 per cent, Rick had been hoping that the paydirt and gravel throughput could possibly deliver another 25 ounces of gold by the end of the week — and that’s all Parker is concerned with at the moment.

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At the outset of our exclusive clip below, Rick says: “You know, Parker said that we haven’t hit our goal recently and he wants more gold, so the only way I know how to do that is to turn this thing up. It’s time to crank it up to 11.”

Last week Parker and his crew had to deal with water swamping their site. Now will stressing the plant cause even more setbacks?

Pumping Mud | Gold Rush

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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