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Daybreak spoilers: Does Josh find Sam Dean alive? The fate of Sophie Simnett’s character explained

Colin Ford, Matthew Broderick, and Sophie Simnett in Daybreak
Colin Ford, Matthew Broderick, and Sophie Simnett in Daybreak. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix dropped an inventive and stylish post-apocalyptic teen series called Daybreak this week that will surely be all the rage as the weekend hits.

The show is like a fantastic blend of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Mad Max, The Walking Dead, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World all blended into one elaborate binge-worthy series. And it works better than it has any right to.

In the series, Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) is searching for his girlfriend Sam Dean (Sophie Simnett) who disappeared in the teenage wasteland. Netflix viewers are incredibly anxious to know whether she lived and if Josh finds her.

Here is what happens to Sam Dean on Daybreak and whether Josh reunites with his long lost love. As always, Spoilers will follow.

Does Josh find Sam Dean alive on Daybreak?

Most of the show, Josh gets sidetracked from searching for Sam due to dishonesty by Angelica and Wesley. This is because they want to keep him safe from going outside the walls of the Mall and getting killed.

And as we all witnessed, they make it seem like she was killed by putting a pin she wore on another faceless corpse with blonde hair. And for a long while, the plan did work.

That said, it’s not until episode 6 that her whereabouts finally get brought to light. At the end of the episode, Josh and KJ summon a group of gamers to sneak into Turbo’s hideout to take him down, but they are ambushed on the spot because it was a trap Turbo himself set.

All the gamers were wearing body cameras and while replaying the footage in the gamer hideout, Josh catches a glimpse of Sam being one of Turbo’s prisoners. So, she is alive.

Does Josh reunite with Sam Dean?

Well, after discovering she is alive, he sets out on a mission to get her out of Turbo’s hideout. Unfortunately, none of this goes according to the plan.

First, Turbo becomes mutinied by his own people and then they place Baron Triumph in charge. The second thing that goes wrong is Baron Triumph then double-crosses the same people who planned the mutiny.

And by the time Josh gets to Sam, Baron sets off a major explosive that causes Sam and Josh to lose their hearing for a while after reuniting.

In summary, Josh and Sam do find each other alive and well. And they go on to fight Baron Triumph together. However, Josh may or may not regret saving her life.

Netflix viewers will figure this out for themselves in the finale.

Daybreak is now streaming on Netflix.

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