Danny Trejo saves baby boy after witnessing a rollover car accident

Danny Trejo interviewed by ABC7
Danny Trejo is an action star and a real-life hero after saving a special needs boy from a flipped over car. Pic credit: ABC7

There are a million reasons to love actor Danny Trejo of Man at Arms and Machete fame.

Not only does he make amazing tacos, donuts and coffee as a side gig, but the hard-working Danny Trejo saved a special needs baby boy from a horrific car accident.

Reuters reports that the Sons of Anarchy star pulled the young boy from an overturned car.  The child was said to be trapped inside of a car that had overturned in a Los Angeles traffic collision on Wednesday.

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Trejo, 75, was interviewed by local affiliate KABC-TV that he was on his way to an auto mechanic in L.A.’s Sylmar neighborhood when he saw a driver run a red light and plow into another car, which flipped over onto its roof in the intersection.

Machete Saves: Danny Trejo talks about how he rescued a child from a car crash in Los Angeles | ABC7

The child, who was strapped into a carseat, and his grandmother, who had been driving, were both trapped in the overturned, partially crushed vehicle.

Trejo was assisted by a bystander, Monica Jackson, and the pair worked together to free the child before emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they said.  Their teamwork allowed Trejo to pull the child out from the other side to safety.  Trejo then calmed the child until authorities arrived.

Trejo told KABC:

“He was panicked, and I said, ‘OK, we have to use our superpowers,’ and so he screamed, ‘Superpowers!’ and we started yelling, ‘Superpowers,'” Trejo recounted. “We got kind of, like, a bond, I guess.”

Trejo remained on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

Fortunately, KABC-TV reported that nobody was seriously injured even though the grandmother and young boy were taken to hospital for a medical evaluation.

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