Danny Trejo saves baby boy after witnessing a rollover car accident

There are a million reasons to love actor Danny Trejo of Man at Arms and Machete fame. Not only does he make amazing tacos, donuts and coffee as a side gig, but the hard-working Danny Trejo saved a special needs baby boy from a horrific car accident. Reuters reports that the Sons of Anarchy star

How Sons of Anarchy character Romeo Parada could return in Mayans M.C.

We recently reported during an interview between Monsters & Critics own April Neale and actor Danny Trejo that he would return to reprise his role of Romeo Parada for Mayans M.C. In Sons of Anarchy, Romero ‘Romeo’ Parada (Danny Trejo) and partner Luis Torres (Benito Martinez) worked as undercover CIA operatives while serving as high

Danny Trejo is back with Season 2 of Man At Arms: Art of War

Danny Trejo is an on-screen badass by all counts but fans of the iconic actor can get a better look at Trejo the man on his series Man At Arms: Art of War in the Season 2 premiere. On the upcoming episode, Danny Trejo and the blacksmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword will be creating some

The Thinker: Get to know the big bad from The Flash Season 4

Tonight sees the launch of the much anticipated fourth season of The Flash, with The Thinker as the new big bad. But what do we know about him and the rest of the season to come? [Warning – some spoilers ahead] In the Season 3 finale we saw Flash defeat Savitar, but it came at