Danny Trejo brings Trejos Tacos to the Super Bowl in Atlanta — Here’s where you can get them

Danny Trejo. 33rd Annual Imagen Awards
Danny Trejo is bringing his Trejo’s Tacos to the Super Bowl Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/admedia

Super Bowl fans are getting the Los Angeles ambassador of good eats, actor Danny Trejo, to bring his famous empire of taco love to the site of the Super Bowl, and he is giving fans free tacos!

One could say the most predominant taste of Los Angeles comes wrapped in a tortilla. Trejos Tacos are on fire currently as Angelenos stand in line to get these tasty noshes filled with meat and even vegan options too.

Known for his character actor and lead actor (Machete) badassery, Danny Trejo brought his taco truck to Atlanta where KCAL reporter Kevin Cuenca tasted the Super Bowl-themed tacos, opting for the carne asada, Trejo’s alleged favorite.

Danny Trejo is a success story writ large. He survived being incarcerated to come back swinging for the fences, now he is a longtime actor and very potent muy macho restaurateur whose Trejo’s Tacos is blowing up beyond SoCal.

His Trejos Tacos food truck is being sponsored by the Los Angeles Tourism board, as Trejo will fly to the site of the big game on Sunday and hand out free Rams-themed tacos – the Gurley Taco with chicken or a vegan McVay taco with mushrooms plus gear galore.

One Atlanta fan can win a free round-trip ticket back to Los Angeles for three nights if they get the golden taco.

Danny Trejo needs no introduction. He collaborates with testosterone-content loving chieftains like El Rey founder Robert Rodriguez, or Kurt Sutter, the showrunner who heads up Mayans MC, the follow up to the wildly popular FX series Sons of Anarchy.

Trejo is an iconic badass in the movies, on television and in the culinary world. From Machete to Mexi Falafel, Danny’s restaurants are growing in the LA area like crazy and the demand for his food is so strong, usually, there is a standing line waiting to get in at every spot.

Actor and entrepreneur Danny Trejo guest starred as Romero 'Romeo' Parada in Sons of Anarchy. Pic Credit: WBTV
Actor and entrepreneur Danny Trejo guest starred as Romero ‘Romeo’ Parada in Sons of Anarchy. Pic Credit: WBTV

We spoke to Danny Trejo back in November about his Man at Arms role and he gave us the scoop that he WILL be back in the Sutterverse on Mayans MC and also shared his plans for world taco domination:

M&C: Speaking of… your Trejo’s restaurants are doing so well in California. Now I’m out of California, are you going bring it anywhere else out of the state of California, do you have any plans for that?

Danny Trejo: Well, we’re thinking about it, but the only thing we’re concerned about really is quality control. We’re trying to keep a certain quality of food and when you get too far away, you can’t keep the quality control. So I eat at every restaurant. [Laughing] I get to eat it for free, so I go to every restaurant and then I send my friends to go eat to make sure that everything is up and up. All my friends say, “Do you want me to wear a wire?”

I say, “No, don’t wear a wire. Just go and eat and let me know how it is.” [laughing] So I always get good reports from staff and everybody that goes and eats there.

Celebrities now, there are a lot of celebrities going to the restaurant. The ones in Woodland Hills and the one in Hollywood. So that’s good. And we just opened up a new one at terminal one, Southwest at LAX.

M&C: That’s fantastic, so everyone coming through the city, even if they’re just in a layover, they can experience your restaurant.

Danny: Right on. [laughing]

Where can you get Trejo’s Tacos?

Super Bowl attendees and fans will have the opportunity to meet Danny Trejo on Saturday at two separate meet-and-greets.

Location: No Mas! Cantina – 180 Walker Street SW

Time: 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Location: Elbow Room – 248 Pharr Road NE

Time: 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

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