Is Danny Trejo dead? Nope, Machete star still hasn’t died despite latest death hoax

Danny Trejo in Machete
Danny Trejo, who is not dead despite reports of his death, in Machete. Pic credit: 20th Century Fox

Breaking news — actor Danny Trejo is STILL not dead. A rumor is sweeping the internet that the Machete actor has died at the age of 74, but it isn’t true.

This isn’t the first time that a viral death hoax has tried to take Danny Trejo from us.

The legendary actor has been reported dead before, most notably in 2016. But this was not the case then and it is not true now.

Trejo is still very much alive and with us

Recently, reports on social media have begun to circulate proclaiming that Danny Trejo is dead at 74. With the string of shocking celebrity deaths over the last few days, it would be easy to believe that another TV and film legend had passed.

Just in the past week, we have mourned the deaths of Christopher Lawford, Burt Reynolds, and even the apparent overdose of hip-hop star Mac Miller. We have lost a lot of incredible talent but, thankfully, Danny Trejo was not among them.

The latest rumor regarding the death of Danny Trejo was seemingly started by a website that hasn’t even been registered for a whole month. Despite that, rumors of Trejo’s death have taken off.

Trejo, who is active on social media, has not commented on the rumors of his own demise. He did pay his respects to Burt Reynolds just days ago, though, and he looks as healthy as ever.

As mentioned previously, this isn’t the first time Danny Trejo has been the subject of a viral death hoax. Just two years ago, the internet tried to report on his death but, clearly, he was still alive.

Trejo even took the time out to confirm his non-death back then.

So far, he’s not confirmed the latest rumors, but hopefully he will.

In the meantime, can we just appreciate that he’s given us incredible performances in Machete, Breaking Bad, Grindhouse, Fanboys and more.

One of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, Danny Trejo is credited with more than 350 roles. With nearly two dozen of those being in post-production or currently filming, we haven’t seen the last of him either.

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