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Cottages of Gentle Breeze: What happened to the nursing home from Haunted season 2?

Scene with two nurses on Ward of Evil from Haunted
A scene with two nurses on Ward of Evil from Haunted. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix unleashed the true-horror story series Haunted this weekend, and fans once again want to know whether aspects of the show are real or fake.

Yesterday, we touched on one of the episodes titled “Cult of Torture,” which focused on a man named James, who was abused by The Worldwide Church of God ran by Herbert W. Armstrong.

Another episode called “Ward of Evil” involves an older woman misdiagnosed with dementia but who was actually possessed by a demonic force. And since the season premiered, fans want to know what happened to the nursing home she stayed in and if it still remains open.

Here is everything to know about the Cottages of Gentle Breeze and its existence today.

What happened in the Haunted episode “Ward of Evil?”

In the episode “Ward of Evil,” the story recounts Daune Matthews’ experience working as a care provider for dementia patients at the Cottages of Gentle Breeze, located in Van Etten, New York.

Matthews tells an upsetting story of a woman named Jackie, whose family brought to the home because they had no idea what’s wrong with her. They assumed she had dementia.

What the nurses realize is that Jackie does not have Dementia at all and exhibits bizarre behavior. Her room becomes so cold that caretakers can see their breath. A picture of Jesus will not stay on the wall no matter how hard they try.

So they begin to realize she something dark possessed her. It becomes so bad that they attempt an exorcism, which ultimately does not work.

Shortly after Jackie died fighting whatever was gripping her, so did every person who stayed in the room after her. The room was boarded up, and no one stayed there again during Cottages of Gentle Breeze’s operation.

The story also states that the location shut down but has since reopened, and Matthews fears the entity still resides in Jackie’s old room.

Does Cottages of Gentle Breeze have a new name, and where is it?

From research, there is no recorded history online of a Cottages of Gentle Breeze shutting down in Van Etten, New York, and reopening. Furthermore, there is no information on what the new name might be if it has one.

The closest one found resides in Citrus Springs, Florida, and if that is the wrong location, they must be really upset at Netflix right now.

Two things are possible: 1) The new owners did a full rebrand and cleanup to avoid any discovery for PR’s sake or 2) Daune Matthews purposely changed the name of the location to avoid a lawsuit by new management.

Either way, whoever runs the new caretaking facility does not want people to know it’s them and understandably so. Maybe avoid all nursing homes in Van Etten to be safe.

Haunted Season 2 is streaming on Netflix now.

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