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Clairvoyant Chip Coffey joins Kindred Spirits in shadow figure investigation

Amy and Adam investigate.
Chip Coffey, Amy and Adam investigate a haunted house in Kindred Spirits. Image: TLC

This episode of Kindred Spirits sees Amy and Adam team up with clairvoyant Chip Coffey to try to help a homeowner who believes her late grandmother may be haunting the house.

Kirsty of North Huntingdon, Penn., bought her deceased grandmother’s home but not all is well in the property.

Kirsty had a stormy relationship with her grandmother and although she did reach out before the elderly relative died, things were never patched up.

This is partly why she thinks it could be her grandmother who is causing the disturbances in the house.

She tells Amy and Adam that at least once a week she hears weird sounds coming from the master bedroom closet. The room is also where her grandmother was found dead and her son reported seeing a shadowy figure.

Things take a darker turn when a growling sound caught on tape indicates a more sinister presence.

Plus there is an emotional time for Amy when psychic Coffey arrives to help and makes a remarkable discovery…

Catch Kindred Spirits – Lost Amy at 10/9c tonight on TLC.

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