Chicago Med: New episode promo shows small Chicago Fire crossover

Chicago Med Chicago Fire Crossover
Chicago Med and Chicago Fire cast members join forces for a new episode of Med. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

A new Chicago Med TV promo has been released for Season 6, Episode 12. In it, we see the appearance of some key Chicago Fire cast members, giving us a small crossover to look forward to.

We haven’t seen a full One Chicago crossover event yet this year due to the increased safety precautions in place at each show. Instead, we have had to hope that a few characters would appear on the other shows.

With the new episode of Chicago Med, called Some Things Are Worth the Risk, it looks like we will get to see Joe Cruz and Violet Mikami from the Chicago Fire cast make guest-starring appearances.

Sure, they are probably only around for the extended scene advertised in the promo we shared below, but it’s still an exciting moment during a year of almost no crossing over. Plus, it always ramps up the drama when people from Firehouse 51 have to help out the people from Med.

Chicago Med promo for Season 6, Episode 12

Below is the NBC promo for the new episode of Chicago Med. It’s a short one, but it packs a punch and advertises that we will see Steven Weber return as Dr. Dean Archer.

To go with the promo, we also have the full episode synopsis for Some Things Are Worth the Risk:

“Archer and Choi respond to a scene that brings back some bad memories; when Carol’s condition worsens, Manning is willing to do whatever it takes to get her mom feeling better.”

Last time on Chicago Med Season 6

On the last episode of Chicago Med, Natalie and Crockett took their relationship to the next level. There was also an interesting scene where Natalie’s mom grilled Crockett about himself, his past, and what he believed in. It was a keen way to let the viewers know how long the two doctors have been seeing each other.

The episode also marked the final one for one of the Chicago Med cast members, making it the third person who has left the show this season. Not to worry, though, as we have some Chicago Med spoilers about someone new joining the show very soon.

The season finale date for Chicago Med has also been set in stone, showing how close we are to Season 6 coming to an end. It means that we are running out of new content to watch this spring, and it also raises the stakes with each new episode. For a show that loves to end on cliffhangers each season, what will we see the writers do this year?

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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