Chicago Med: Every major character exit and how they impacted the show, ranked

Chicago Med former characters
Colin Donnell, Torrey DeVitto, and Norma Kuhling on Chicago Med. Pic credit: NBC

As the newest of the One Chicago series, Chicago Med hasn’t had the same large cast turnover of Chicago Fire or Chicago P.D

For the most part, the cast is much the same as when the show began, although several minor recurring characters have come and gone. Several never had actual exits but simply faded away, while others took long absences before a surprising return.

Yet some characters made a good impact on the series, either as main cast members or at least appearing for quite a few episodes in important story arcs. Thus, their exits are bigger deals. 

Some got some pleasant goodbyes to put their characters on a new career. Others, however, got some pretty nasty goodbyes that could cast them in a worse light. 

Here is how the more significant character exits from Chicago Med rank to show their characters’ impact on the series with their farewells. 

8. Jeff Clarke

Jeff Clarke
Jeff Hephner as Jeff Clarke in Season 2 of Chicago Med. Pic credit: NBC

Originally a firefighter who had to quit after being injured, Jeff Clarke was so popular with viewers that he was added to Chicago Med.

The best friend of Natalie’s late husband, Jeff, fit in well in Season 2, although he and Will Halstead butted heads a lot. His experience as a firefighter could help in some cases, although his brashness could get him in trouble.

Jeff and Natalie Manning were soon in a relationship, trying to keep it quiet, but it didn’t take long for word to get out. They handled it well, even as Jeff was trying to land a regular internship.

At the end of Season 2, Jeff missed a spot at Med and instead landed an internship in Hawaii. Thus, he was one of the shorter-running doctor characters but still a good one for his time with Natalie. 

7. Robin Charles

Mekia Cox as Robin Charles on Chicago Med cast.
Mekia Cox as Robin Charles on Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: NBC

While her role wasn’t a true regular, Robin Charles did have a very prominent position on Chicago Med over the first few seasons.

The daughter of Dr. Charles and his first wife, Robin, was a promising epidemiologist until she began experiencing mood swings. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia with her dad trying to help her.

Robin was eventually discovered to be suffering from a tumor to explain her behavior. She seemed okay but still suffering effects with Connor trying to help her. 

In Season 3, Robin finally left Chicago, heading to Minneapolis to be with her mother. However, she returned in Season 4 to seek help for her mother’s cancer.

Robin made one final appearance in Season 5 to ask her dad to join her mother on a “farewell trip.” While he turned her down, their bond was strong as Robin remained a key part of Charles’ life. 

6. Noah Sexton

Roland Buck On Chicago Med
Roland Buck III played Noah Sexton on the Chicago Med cast for years. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

April’s younger brother didn’t have as much screen time as other doctors but still some fun stuff.

At first, Noah was an arrogant guy who went so far as to take credit for the work of others but slowly matured into a good doctor. He could curb his ego at times, even though the brashness got him in hot water. 

However, even April couldn’t dream of the line her brother would cross in Season 6. When a couple was wheeled in, Noah recognized the husband as the doctor who inspired his own career. 

The couple had vowed to die together, with the husband facing murder charges when his wife passed. Noah deliberately left a syringe of drugs within easy reach for the man to take his own life. 

While not turning Noah in, Ethan did fire him, with Noah accepting his punishment. April was rocked at her brother’s actions even as Noah refused to admit he’d done the wrong thing breaking his oath as a doctor. 

5. Ava Bekker

Ava On Chicago Med
Norma Kuhling played Dr. Ava Bekker on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: NBC

Ava Bekker was hardly everyone’s favorite on Chicago Med, but her exit was still shocking.

The arrogant surgeon butted heads regularly with Connor Rhodes only for the passion to turn into an affair. Yet it was soon clear Ava’s ideas of romance significantly differed.

In Season 4, Ava blatantly propositioned Connor’s father to fund a special wing so Connor would stay in Chicago. 

When his dad died, Connor was suspicious, and Ava confessed she had indeed murdered the man in a twisted attempt to win Connor. 

Ava then slit her own throat, dying before anyone could save her. Her twisted acts drove Connor away and left the staff shaken at the monster hiding under that beautiful face. 

4. Sarah Reese

Rachel DiPillo as Dr. Sarah Reese on Chicago Med. Pic credit: NBC

Sadly, Sarah Reese had an issue of not thinking things through, which cost her a lot on Chicago Med.

A bright medical student, Sarah started Season 1 wanting to be a surgeon only to decide to switch to a pathologist. However, that led her to be briefly let go and had to work as a bartender before coming back. 

Sarah did seem to settle into psychiatry and saw Dr. Charles as a good mentor. But that ended when Charles began to suspect Sarah’s father was a serial killer. When her dad had a heart attack, Sarah saw Charles hesitate to save him.

While her father’s scandal was one thing, Sarah couldn’t trust Charles. So she quit, with Noah being the one to relay a message on how Sarah respected Charles but couldn’t work with him anymore. 

It was a sad end to a promising career for a bright woman broken down by a rough job. 

3. April Sexton

April Chicago Med
Yaya DaCosta played Nurse April Sexton on the Chicago Med cast for years. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

One of the characters introduced in the “backdoor pilot” from Chicago Fire, April Sexton was one of Med’s top nurses and an old friend of Kelly Severide.

April had ups and downs such as being engaged to a football player but an illness leading to miscarriage. She and Choi also had a relationship filled with drama, including nearly being engaged before a breakup.

April stepped up in Season 6 facing the patients from the pandemic, which included more drama with Choi. In the finale, she accepted a position in a highly popular nursing program, leaving the city.

While it was sad to see her go, everyone was happy about April getting such a great opportunity and her departure warmer than other characters on the show.  

2. Natalie Manning

Natalie In Chicago Med
Torrey DeVitto starred as Dr. Natalie Manning on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

Natalie Manning’s tenure at Chicago Med was filled with tragedy starting from losing her soldier husband. 

Natalie was a caring doctor who went out of her way to aid patients. She had some romances with Will and later a troubled relationship with Phillip Davis, who took advantage of her memory issues after an accident to make them think they were engaged.

In Season 6, Natalie was pushed to aid her ailing mother, including getting her into a trial Will was running. Feeling it wasn’t enough, Natalie resorted to stealing medication to stabilize her mother’s condition.

Will was naturally irate when he found out but willing to take the fall for it. Not wanting him to lose his job, Natalie confessed what she did.

The Season 7 premiere opened by confirming Natalie had been fired and was leaving Chicago, closing out her arc in a strong way with her and Will parting as friends.

1. Connor Rhodes

Colin Donnell On Chicago Med
Colin Donnell as Dr. Connor Rhodes during Season 5 premiere. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

While trying to hide his wealthy background, Connor Rhodes turned into a dedicated and passionate doctor for Chicago Med. Sometimes, that passion backfired, such as going too far to help Robin and clashing with his superiors.

Despite that, Connor remained a top character for the show’s first four seasons, romancing Robin and then Ava Bekker. He was also happy to take up control of a new research wing, unaware his father funded it. 

When his father died in the Season 4 finale, Connor briefly assumed it was a bad surgery. However, he soon realized Ava had killed him in a warped attempt to win Connor back. 

The opening of the Season 5 premiere had Connor, driven by the death of his father and Ava’s suicide, deciding to leave Chicago for a fresh start. While it would be good to have him back, one can hardly blame the man for losing his spirit after this tragedy.

Chicago Med Season 1-7 streaming on Peacock.

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