What happened to Ava on Chicago Med? Where is Norma Kuhling?

Ava On Chicago Med
Norma Kuhling played Dr. Ava Bekker on Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

Dr. Ava Bekker was missed from the new Chicago Med episode, leading some viewers to wonder what had happened to her. Actress Norma Kuhling played Ava for the last two seasons of the show.

During the Chicago Med season premiere, the fates of Dr. Connor Rhodes and Ava were revealed. It was actually an unexpected result, as actor Colin Donnell and Kuhling weren’t supposed to be back for Season 5.

What happened to Ava on Chicago Med?

Connor’s father died, but there were a lot of questions about what had taken place. It appeared that he had overdosed on insulin, but nobody thought the drug could be traced. Then, during Season 5, Episode 1, Dr. Isidore Latham (played by Ato Essandoh), rejoined the cast. He told Ava and Connor he figured out a way to trace it.

Upon hearing that news, Ava became visibly distressed and went to one of the operating rooms. Connor followed her in and she confronted him with a scalpel while admitting that she had murdered his father out of love. It looked like she was going to attack Connor, but she instead raised it to her own throat and killed herself.

While Connor tried to stop the bleeding and tried to bring her back, Ava was not saved on the table. She died and Connor, feeling that he needed to get a fresh start, resigned his position at the hospital. The end of the Ava-Connor storyline had come to a very bloody conclusion.

That officially brings a close to Norma Kuhling and Colin Donnell being a part of the Chicago Med cast. Their volatile relationship seemed to be heading in this direction for a while now, but it was still extremely shocking to see everything play out in the season premiere. The character of Dr. Connor Rhodes could return at some point in the future if the writers pursue it.

Chicago Med airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.