What happened to Ava on Chicago Med? Where is Norma Kuhling?

Dr. Ava Bekker was missed from the new Chicago Med episode, leading some viewers to wonder what had happened to her. Actress Norma Kuhling played Ava for the last two seasons of the show. During the Chicago Med season premiere, the fates of Dr. Connor Rhodes and Ava were revealed. It was actually an unexpected


Is Colin Donnell leaving Chicago Med cast? Connor Rhodes done?

Colin Donnell has been with the Chicago Med cast since the first season. He has played the role of Dr. Connor Rhodes, who saw a lot of drama during the last season of the show. A lot of questions surround the character of Connor Rhodes as Season 5 opens on NBC. A primary one is


Chicago Med cast: Characters leaving show during Season 4

Chicago Med cast exits are coming. Huge news about Season 4 of the show just came out and it has been confirmed by the actors. The characters of Dr. Connor Rhodes and Dr. Ava Bekker are leaving the Chicago Med cast in the coming weeks. Rhodes and Bekkar are played by Colin Donnell and Norma