Chicago Med cast loses Dr. Connor Rhodes and Dr. Ava Bekker as Colin Donnell, Norma Kuhling leave show

Colin Donnell, Norma Kuhling during Season 4 of Chicago Med
Colin Donnell, Norma Kuhling during Season 4 of Chicago Med. Pic credit: NBC

The cast of Chicago Med is getting shaken up a bit. During the Season 4 finale, two very important characters have been written out of the show.

The buildup to the final episodes of the season has been pretty heavy-handed by the writers for the show. Fractures were put in the relationship between Dr. Connor Rhodes and Dr. Ava Bekker. Then, a lot of additional drama surfaced.

There had been a number of primary story arcs in the show that allowed viewers to place focus on other characters, but there continued to be something suspicious going on when it came to the character of Dr. Ava Bekker.

Colin Donnell, Norma Kuhling leave cast of Chicago Med

Colin Donnell has appeared in quite a few episodes of all three Chicago-based shows as Dr. Connor Rhodes. Before that, and during his run on the Chicago Med cast, Donnell has also played Tommy Merlyn on Arrow.

Norma Kuhling appeared as Dr. Ava Bekker for the first time in 2017, becoming an important part of the Chicago Med cast for two seasons. Her character was involved in a lot of drama during a very short span of time and that continued right through her final episode on the program.

While there was a time that Rhodes and Bekker worked as a couple on the show, that came to a crashing halt midway through Season 4.

The cast of Chicago Med is going to look a lot different when the show returns for Season 5 in the fall. The great news is that Chicago Med has been renewed for at least one more year, giving fans something to look forward to during the long summer months. A season premiere date will be announced by NBC as the fall schedule gets closer to the beginning.

Chicago Med airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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