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Why did Rachel DiPillo leave role as Dr. Reese on Chicago Med and what is she doing now?

Rachel DiPillo as Dr. Sarah Reese on Chicago Med.
Rachel DiPillo as Dr. Sarah Reese on Chicago Med. Pic credit: NBC

Actress Rachel DiPillo appeared as Dr. Reese on Chicago Med for three full seasons of the show. Her final episode, though, was the Season 4 premiere.

At the time of DiPillo’s departure from Chicago Med, there was no confirmation as to whether her character was simply being written out or if the actress had decided to leave the show. The character of Dr. Sarah Reese went to work at another hospital, following drama with Dr. Charles (played by Oliver Platt).

The character arc for Dr. Reese was a complicated one. She started as as fourth-year med student and emergency room intern, switched over to pathology, and then settled on a psychiatry residency. Her estranged dad showed up to try to reconnect, but it turned out he was a serial killer. Then, Dr. Charles let him die, putting a rift between them.

What is Rachel DiPillo doing after leaving Chicago Med?

Actress Rachel DiPillo isn’t very active on social media and hasn’t shared much with the public since her character left the show. Her IMDb page also has no entries after her stint as Dr. Sarah Reese. This leaves a lot of mystery about what she is up to right now.

The Chicago Med writers definitely left the story of Dr. Reese open-ended. Since the character is simply working at another hospital, it is possible that the writers could bring her back. If that’s something that the show and Rachel DiPillo wanted to do, the opportunity is there to make it happen.

For now, Rachel DiPillo and Dr. Reese have likely seen their time on Chicago Med come to an end. In addition to being credited for 62 episodes of the show, DiPillo also appeared several times on Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. for the network. Before that, she was on the shows Big Time Rush, Wendy, and Jane the Virgin as recurring characters.

Chicago Med airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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